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Richard Gordon gordonr at cc.umanitoba.ca
Thu Dec 12 20:07:58 EST 1996

Dear Jeff,
Not clear if you're volunteering yourself and/or John White. This will be a
lot of hard work, but coordination could certainly reduce the effort and
let us get on with the deeper questions that Cyberworm may help answer.
Yours, -Dick

At 10:20 AM 12/11/96, Jeff Hardin wrote:
>Richard Gordon writes:
>"We would like to write a 4D database/simulation to be called Cyberworm. As
>a database, it would contain and accumulate coordinates, cytoskeletal
>arrangements, cell division times, gene expression and other data for each
>cell in the developing nematode."
>Nice to see you're interested in C. elegans (I remember your work with
>Antone Jacobson, from when I was a grad student in Ray Keller's lab). As a
>fairly recent convert to worms, I think it's a good move! One group you
>should certainly interact with closely is John White's (maybe mine, too) at
>the Univ. of Wisconsin, since I know they ultimately had a goal of
>generating 4d info on C.e. for use in education and research as an
>international resource, based on the digital software under development at
>the Integrated Micrscopy Resource. It seems really counterproductive to
>have multiple efforts of this sort going on without coordination of
>efforts. I strongly urge close coordination of such efforts across the C.
>e. community. This would avoid some of the (not necessarily unfriendly)
>competition of technologies that we saw for a time with the databases
>(i.e., Acedb vs. WCS, which was obviated by the World Wide Web).
>Having said this, I think that this sort of a project is, in theory, a nice
>Jeff Hardin - Dept. of Zoology - Univ. of Wisconsin
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>email: jdhardin at facstaff.wisc.edu
>WWW: http://www.wisc.edu/zoology/faculty/fac/Har/Har.html

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