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PCR Primers Database - UPDATE.

Benny Shomer bshomer at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Feb 26 23:42:44 EST 1996


           The PCR Primers database - Important updates.


The PCR primers database is a practical database of fully tested and optimized
primers for PCR reactions. The database contains all the data items required 
to reproduce precisely the reaction conditions of the submitting author and
contact details in case of a need.

*   The database is now sercheable:
     The database can now be searched through WWW by using extremely powerful
     seach utilities of the SRS at the Netherlands EMBnet node at CAOS/CAM
     Searches can be on almost any of the data record fields, including  the
     target, sequence, species, contributing author etc.
     Many thanks to Jack Leunissen who has set-up this service.  

*   Modification to a data field tag:
     The accession number tag has been changed to ACCESS, just to make more
     sense to the interpretaion of the tag

*   Addition of a data field:
     There is now a data field for literature cross-reference. Whenever
     possible, the reference which is given is linked with the appropriate
     Medline entry. The tag for this field is REFXRF.

*   Additions to the WWW pages:
     Some information and appropriate links were added on subjects related to
     the design of primers. Any further input from experienced users is
     welcome.  In the near future I intend to include a methods page that will
     link to information on those methods which are often requested on the
     Each of the informative web pages (excluding the home page) now has a
     special feedback form. Any additional information or comments from users
     is highly welcome.
*    Data submissions:
      The database relies heavily on submissions from users. The importance to
      the users community will increase with the increase in entry numbers. 
      Users are encouraged to submit primers to the database.  Submissions can
      be made either through the WWW or by using a text based submission form.
      If you maintain large numbers of primers in a spreadsheet or small
      database or a simple but organized text file, please contact me. I can
      process large numbers of entries from almost any format.

Summary of access means:
The database home page can be accessed  directly at:

The data and documentation can be obtained through anonymous ftp to:
ftp.ebi.ac.uk   under: /pub/databases/primers/

Searches at the CAOS/CAM server:

Users who have no other means of connection besides email, can now use the 
EMBL-EBI automatic mail server to retrieve the database files and
documents. To start working with the mail server in general, send a
message containing the word "HELP" either in the subject line or in the
body of message, to:  netserv at ebi.ac.uk Here are the commands which are
available for the primers database:

Here is a summary of all the available commands for the primers database,
that can be specified in an email message sent to netserv at ebi.ac.uk
To obtain                                     send the command
A general help file                           HELP PRIMERS
The database fields definitions file          GET PRIMERS:DEFINITIONS
A bogus filled entry as an example            GET PRIMERS:EXAMPLE
An electronic data submission form            GET PRIMERS:SUBMISSION.FORM
The actual data file with the entries         GET PRIMERS:PRIMERS

Dear colleague, please do not forget, this database will NOT be created
by journal scanning and active searching, but from direct submissions from
researchers only.  The key to the success of this database is your
submissions, so do set aside some spare time and send your primers.

Our email:  primers at ebi.ac.uk
WWW      :  http://www.ebi.ac.uk/primers_home.html
fax      :  +44 1223 494468
Phone    :  +44 1223 494437

I highly welcome any questions, corrections, remarks or discussions concerning
the PCR Primers database (Email is the most preferred way).

Best wishes. Good luck with your PCR experiments.


Benny Shomer

Email: bshomer at EBI.ac.uk

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