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longevity in C.elegans 10

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Sat Nov 1 08:52:28 EST 1997

>From The Worm Breeder's Gazette, 1997, v. 15, No. 1, p. 36.

             AN ATTEMPT TO SLOW AGING IN C. elegans.
            8. MELATONIN REDUCES LIFE SPAN OF C. elegans
   Vladimir V.  Bakaev (e-mail: Vlad at bakaev.nsk.ru), Anatolii V.
Efremov,  Vladimir N. Anisimov* P.O. Box 45, Novosibirsk, 630107,
*N.N.Petrov  Research  Institute  of   Oncology,   St.Petersburg,
189646, Russia

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of diffe-
rent  concentrations  of pineal indole hormone melatonin in water
solutions on nematode life span.  Melatonin was used in following
dilutions : 1:10(3), 1:10(4), 1:10(5), 1:10(6), 1:10(7), 1:10(8),
1:10(9)  and 1:10(10).  Three adult animals (3 - 5 days old) were
kept in microtitre wells containing  0,75  ml  of  liquid  medium
(with  E.  coli and without melatonin) during 4 hours,  then they
were discarded and newborn larvae were transferred in next  wells
(with  melatonin in any concentration) every day (one worm in one
well).  This investigation was carried out at  temperature  +21oC
and  in  the darkness.  The obtained results are presented in the

   =B0   Concentration of  =C5      =C5      Longevity (days)      =B0
   =B0      melatonin      =C5   n  =DC=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=
   =B0                     =C5      =C5 mean +/- S.E. =C5   maximal  =B0
   =B0       Control       =C5  12  =C5 23,7 +/- 1,8  =C5     32     =B0
   =B0                     =C5      =C5               =C5            =B0
   =B0       1:10(4)       =C5  12  =C5 18,0 +/- 2,3  =C5     31     =B0
   =B0                     =C5      =C5               =C5            =B0
   =B0       1:10(5)       =C5  12  =C5 22,5 +/- 2,2  =C5     32     =B0
   =B0                     =C5      =C5               =C5            =B0
   =B0       1:10(6)       =C5  12  =C5 16,3 +/- 2,0* =C5     27     =B0
   =B0                     =C5      =C5               =C5            =B0
   =B0       1:10(7)       =C5  12  =C5 15,6 +/- 2,4* =C5     31     =B0
   =B0                     =C5      =C5               =C5            =B0
   =B0       1:10(8)       =C5  12  =C5 10,5 +/- 0,9* =C5     14     =B0
   =B0                     =C5      =C5               =C5            =B0
   =B0       1:10(9)       =C5  12  =C5 11,3 +/- 1,6* =C5     21     =B0
   =B0                     =C5      =C5               =C5            =B0
   =B0       1:10(10)      =C5  12  =C5 12,7 +/- 1,3* =C5     22     =B0
  * - The difference with control is significant, p<0.05

Conclusion: If the water solution of melatonin was applied to  C.
elegans  during   the  whole   life  span   in  above   described
conditions, it was not able to prolong the  life  span  of  these
animals. In concentrations from 1:10(6) to 1:10(10) melatonin re-
duced the survival of nematoda.

Acknowledgment: The authors  wish to express their thanks to  CGC
for providing C. elegans (Bristol, N2) and E. coli OP50.
Please reply to: Vlad at bakaev.nsk.ru

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