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new ideas / length of circadian cycle

Fred Kippert fkippert at srv0.bio.ed.ac.uk
Mon Mar 16 15:40:59 EST 1998

Vladimir V. Bakaev  <vlad at bakaev.nsk.ru> wrote:

> Dear Colleagues, many thanks for your opinions, especially to Rodney
> Reid. I am going to investigate (1) RNA/DNA (nucleic acid)
> supplementation and (2) Increasing length of circadian cycle. But
> I think, I'll need for this many, many years and many, many money,
> the last appeared for me enough difficult, due hard economical
> situation in Russia. I'll be very grateful for any your opinions in
> future and I am going to publish my results in Worm Breeder's
> Gazette and in teleconferencies concerning ageing and celegans.

I would be very sceptical about an effect of  lengthening the
light-dark cycle. First, it could only work if you kept the length
within the range of entrainment (which as far as I am aware has not
been determined for C. elegans). Usually this range is rather
narrow, which means that you could not expect a pronounced effect and
would therefore need high numbers of animals for significant results.
Second, an exogenous cycle rather far from the endogenous one can
mean stress to an organism and could thus counteract a possible
'beneficial' effect of a lengthened ligh-dark cycle.

Best regards

Fred Kippert


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