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Macintosh migration... ACeDB issues?

Stephen R. Wicks S.Wicks at palm.A2000.nl
Thu Jan 6 23:58:36 EST 2000

Hi everyone,

I am migrating a largish group to the Mac platform, and I would be
interested in hearing from people about their current experiences with
using ACeDB in a Mac environment. We will be running about 20 Macs and
will have access to several UNIX boxes that could act as servers. I know
that MacAce was deprecated a couple of years ago, so I can think of
several options. Webace is OK, but lacks the full functionality that we
need. I tried that Java interface and it seems a bit buggy still. Have
any of you tried one or more of these, and which in your opinions is the
most workable solution.

1) I currently run ACeDB remotely using a VNC client from remote servers
that implement the VNC protocol. This works well, but there are some
details that I am struggling with. Particularly, I can't configure a
right mouse button click to do anything. A solution here would probably
solve my problem.

2) I could buy and install a dedicated X emulator (MacX or somthing
similar) on all clients. Can anyone recommend one that is stable and
works well with the G3 and G4 generation powerPCs? This was a workable
solution in '94 (although I have vague memories about some interface
issues then too) but is it still viable?

3) I could ask if there is there are any interested parties that might
want to try to port the current version over to a native Mac
implementation. Anyone...? Anyone...? No? I didn't think so.

(...a psuedo-unrelated question, Is anyone running ACeDB under LinuxPPC
on a Mac?)

Here's hoping your year goes well.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Stephen Wicks.
Netherlands Cancer Institute.

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