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transgene survey

Bill Kelly bkelly at biology.emory.edu
Thu Feb 7 09:14:25 EST 2002

Howdy Again,

I've had a great response to my request for X-linked multi-copy 
transgenes, and also a good suggestion that i post the responses 
(which came directly to me by e-mail).  I'll paste a synopsis of the 
replies below, with the hopes that no one who responded will mind.

I also wanted to mention that from a number of the responses, 
especially from an e-mail conversation with Erik Jorgensen, a bias 
for integrants linked to the X seems to be emerging.  I'm wondering 
how strong this bias really is, and would like to do a quick survey.

I am hoping that people could take a moment and determine how many 
integrated lines they've made in their own lab, and of those that 
have been mapped, how many ended up on each chromosome.  If you could 
e-mail me a simple breakdown (e.g., 0 on I, 2 on II, 1 on III, etc.), 
I'll tally the results and post the final counts for everyone.  If 
you could e-mail me directly (I'm having trouble with the NNTP 
service-- most likely my incompetence) at bkelly at biology.emory edu, 
I'll post the result by e-mail to bionet.
Thanks in advance to all who find the time!!

The following are edited replies from my initial request:

 From Anne Hart:
I generated an integrated array on the far right arm of X, nuIs1,
which has integrated very near lin-15. The array carrys lin-15(+), glr-1(+)
and glr-1::GFP. The males mate fine.
The strain is available at the CGC as KP987.

 From Erik Jorgensen:
oxIs12 is an integrant of an array carrying Punc-47:GFP and lin-15(+).  it
has integrated on XR, near or at lin-15(n765).  the worms are WT except for
the presence of GFP.  we have a bunch of other arrays integrated on X but
that one will do i suspect.  plus everyone in the world seems to have the

 From Lew Jacobson:
Jocelyn Shaw has a strain called EH16 marked on X with about 6 copies 
of an act-4::lacZ fusion. See Stone & Shaw 1993. There is no rol-6, 
males mate fine. If that's enough copy for you, you can get it from 
her or we have it.

 From Jonathan Pettitt:
There is a line that fits the bill. The strain designation is PS3352, and
its an integration of the pkEx246 transgenic array onto the X. It is
essentially wild-type, perhaps a little Dpy, but mates fine. I can send you
this, but it'll probably be quicker to request it from the CGC.

 From Meera Sundram:
I have two X-linked transgenes
The first consists of hs-lin-45(gf) and unc-119(+). Appropriate heat shock
conditions cause a Muv phenotype. I don't know copy #.
The second consists of KSR-1::GFP and pRF4. The KSR-1::GFP transgene is ~20
kb chunk of genomic X DNA with 2 or more copies of GFP inserted. GFP is
expressed in many cells from mid-embryonic stages thru adulthood, but is
not expressed in the germline. I have been able to get those Roller males
to mate, though it is a bit of a pain. I don't know copy #.

 From Greg Herman, and also suggested by Abby Dernburg:
G. Seydoux's pes-10::gfp is on the X.  My guess is that it is multi-copy.

 From Morris Maduro (Rothman Lab):
I have an X-linked
integrant that is marked with unc-119 rescue, and carries lin-26::CFP and



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