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Worm species collection

David H. A. Fitch david.fitch at nyu.edu
Tue Mar 9 04:25:05 EST 2004

Dear C. elegans Community,

We have a live collection of over 100 different species of rhabditid 
nematodes related to Caenorhabditis at various phylogenetic levels. 
Most have been identified to species and can be cultured fairly easily. 
  Several labs already use this collection for comparative studies at 
molecular, developmental, morphological, and population levels.  We are 
working on a phylogeny for these nematodes to provide an explicit 
evolutionary context for such studies (in fact, our phylogeny for 
Caenorhabditis served an important role in helping identify species for 
the next genome sequencing projects).  We also plan to develop a 
web-accessible database with lots of information about each species 
(collection data, taxonomy, morphology, biology, etc., which could be 
integrated with Wormbase).  (A strain synonymization database currently 
exists, called WSRN, but needs much updating and does not have much 
data other than strain designations and strain origins.)

Not surprisingly, it takes a significant amount of time and money to 
develop, improve, and maintain such a resource, as well as to make it 
accessible to the scientific community.  The higher the community 
interest level, the higher the quality of service can be offered at a 
lower cost per user.  So, we would like to gauge your interest in using 
this resource in your research.  If you might have use for such a 
resource now or in the foreseeable future, PLEASE send me a very brief 
e-mail with:

   your name
   your university/dept. affiliation
   and a couple of words describing how you might use such a resource.

Many thanks,
Dave Fitch
david.fitch at nyu.edu

P.S.  Please pass this on to others you think might also be interested.
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