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[Celegans] Re: worm plate holding boxes

Andrew Papp via celegans%40net.bio.net (by ap from tritechresearch.com)
Mon May 14 18:01:20 EST 2007

ATTN: bionet admin: This message is *NOT* for commerce and is for Worm 
Community informational purposes ONLY!
Dear Worm People Looking for Plastic Boxes to hold your Plates,

After spending several hours on the phone with the injection molders and 
the owners of the now-defunct company that owns the mold for the 
particular boxes that some of you "know and love", here is what I found out:

1) Yes the injection mold for these boxes still exists, and yes, a 
molding company is willing to make another run of boxes.
2) The minimum quantity they will make is 2000 lids and boxes.
3) For them, even 2000 is a small "nuisance" quantity, plus, plastic has 
gone up in price a lot, so the price would be $19 per box by the time 
Tritech gets them, and trying to ship big plastic boxes and lids without 
them cracking requires a lot of special packaging and handling plus 
shipping that will cost as much as the boxes themselves, in small 
quantities.  (Labs getting hundreds could get them on pallets, cheaper).
4) Tritech has no room to store and stock thousands of worm boxes, so we 
would have to know that 2000 of them would be ordered before getting the 
company to make the boxes.

So, here is the bottom line.... well it might take up 4-6 lines... 
Tritech is always happy to help out the worm community, and if some worm 
person contacts the labs and finds 2000+ boxes worth of interest, we 
will gladly make all the purchasing and shipping arrangements to get 
everyone the boxes; alternatively, maybe you can find some boxes at your 
local dollar/drug/hardware stores that work well enough.  The advantage 
there would be that they wouldn't have to be shipped, the disadvantage 
is that they might not fit the plates as perfectly.

Best regards to everyone and see you at the Worm Meeting,

Andrew Papp, Ph.D., President
Tritech Research, Inc.
2961 Veteran Avenue
Los Angeles, CA   90064
Tel: (310)446-4460
ap from TritechResearch.com

Andrew Papp wrote:

> Hi,
> This is Andy Papp, semi-ex-worm-person at Tritech Research.  A few 
> labs, knowing that Tritech is all about helping the worm community, 
> got in touch with me and mentioned that the supplier of some nice 
> clear plastic boxes that hold worm plates well has gone out of 
> business, those boxes are no longer available, and asked if I could 
> get some for their labs.
> I can, and will, if there is sufficient interest. I contacted the 
> previous manufacturer, and they will resurrect the mold and make a run 
> of the boxes, if I can order enough of them in a single order.
> These are clear polystyrene boxes measuring approximately 16.0 x 10.75 
> x 3.75 inches and they come with a separate clear plastic lid.
> To get this company to get the molds from the defunct company and do a 
> production run, we will have to have orders for a *few thousand* of 
> these boxes. That seems like a lot to me, but apparently some labs can 
> use a few hundred of them in right away. They would cost somewhere 
> between $10-20 each.
> Is that similar to what you have been using?
> If not, is there a better  and/or cheaper box you prefer?
> If you *would* like these boxes, how many could your lab (or all the 
> labs in your area that you can speak for) order?
> This is just sort of a "straw poll", but, please let me know if your 
> lab would like to get some now or in the near future.
> Please reply to me directly at "ap @ tritechresearch . com" (without 
> the spaces) or call w/ any questions.  I will post a summary.
> Thanks,
> Andy
Rachel Bookman wrote:
Hello, Dr. Papp.  

Becky McKean gave me your contact information.  I work for a basic 
research lab on campus.  We work with /c. elegans/.  I am writing to 
inquire about these "worm boxes" that Tritech was considering carrying.  
Our lab is very interested in purchasing 20 of these, but I am wondering 
about the timeline we are dealing with.  Should we go ahead and find an 
alternative source, or will Tritech carry them in the near future?

Thanks for your time.

Have a nice day.



Rachel Bookman | Administrative Assistant
Brenda L. Bass Lab
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
University of Utah | Dept of Biochemistry
15 N Medical Drive East  | Room 4600
Salt Lake City | UT | 84112-5650

(801) 581-3824 
rbookman from biochem.utah.edu <mailto:rbookman from biochem.utah.edu>
www.biochem.utah.edu/bass <http://www.biochem.utah.edu/bass/index.htm>

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