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NEW: HALOPHILE-L - Discussion Group on Halophilic Microorganisms and Their Environments

Bob Simon simon at uno.cc.geneseo.edu
Wed Jan 10 18:00:34 EST 1996

HALOPHILE-L on listproc at listproc.cc.geneseo.edu    Halophilic Microorganisms
                                                   and Their Environments

   HALOPHILE-L is a group covering "Halophilic Microorganisms and Their
   Environments".  This group is about microorganisms that both tolerate
   and/or require elevated levels of salt for growth.  The area of
   discussion will cover broad scientific ground: from topics about the
   ecology, taxonomy and the practical uses of halophiles (e.g.
   bio-remediation) to the molecular biology of the group including such
   issues as the structure of macromolecules at high salt.

   Historically, there has been some controversy as to what is a
   halophile, and perhaps this can be one of the first topics for
   discussion, but the list administrator currently defines it to
   include organisms that grow in or between the defining salt
   conditions for Moderate Halophiles (3 to 15% NaCl) and Extreme
   Halophiles (18 to 30% NaCl).

   To subscribe to HALOPHILE-L, send the following command to
   listproc at listproc.cc.geneseo.edu  in the BODY of E-mail:

      SUBSCRIBE HALOPHILE-L yourfirstname yourlastname

   For Example:  SUBSCRIBE HALOPHILE-L Joe Shmoe

   HALOPHILE-L will be archived and indexed at an associated web page
   for the benefit of its subscribers at

   Owner: Robert D. Simon <simon at uno.cc.geneseo.edu>

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