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WWW page - multimedia appendix on cephalopods

Mike Vecchione MNHIV041 at SIVM.SI.EDU
Mon Jul 22 12:15:57 EST 1996

As many of you know, the Squid Squad at the National Museum of
Natural History has been working with in-situ observations on
deep-sea cephalopods from submersibles for several years. Whereas
the videotapes of these animals are suited perfectly for
presentation at scientific meetings, traditional publication in
paper journals has limited us to a few still frames, usually
black-and-white. We want to augment these published papers with
digitized images from the videotapes, both color stills and video
clips.  We have therefore created a World-Wide-Web site to serve
as a multimedia appendix to traditional scientific publications
on squids, octopods and their relatives. The URL address for this
site is:  http://www.nmnh.si.edu/cephs/

The format for these images is JPEG for still frames and AVI for
video clips.  Currently, only a few publications are supported by
this multimedia appendix.  However, we have several papers in
press, and as they are published they will be added to the site.
Also, as a service to our colleagues, we are willing to support
other publications based on in-situ videotapes of cephalopods, as
we have with Dick Young's paper on natural history of cephalopods
from the Hawaiian boundary layer.   If you have published such
observations and want to add them to the page, please send a VHS
(NTSC) videotape of the clip to be digitized, and an ASCII file
containing the citation, abstract, and figure caption(s).

As always, we are looking for additional material.  If you have
in-situ videotapes or photos of deep-sea cephalopods and would
like either to collaborate on them or to donate them to our
ongoing research, please contact me at the address below.

I am posting this announcement to the Mollusca, FastMoll,
EuroSquid and DeepSea discusion lists.


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