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deep-sea ostracods

Rosalie F. Maddocks rmaddocks at UH.EDU
Mon Mar 10 16:06:36 EST 1997

Please ask these questions on the OSTRACON list, which is read by 175
ostracode researchers, and I'm sure you will get some helpful responses.

There's a large taxonomic literature and quite a lot of current work on
deep-sea Ostracoda, but statements about diet and life cycles are more
speculative.  The short answer is that we don't know very much for sure,
and so your questions are interesting ones.

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Best wishes, Rosalie F. Maddocks
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At 11:31 AM 3/10/97, Ursula Witte wrote:
>in the macrofauna-samples of  one of our deep-sea stations (4040 m)  I
>found unusually large numbers of ostracods, also in fairly deep sediment
>1.  Can someone give me  a hint where to find information  on feeding
>strategies, life cycles etc  (genera  Krithe, Argilloecia, Echinocythereis
>...) in order to understand this distribution ? Is there somone studying the
>biology of deep-sea ostracods ? (or shallow water ones for a start..)
>2. I need  to determine biomass. Are there any data published on the
>relationship of body weight vs. shell weight so that I could estimate AFDW
>without destroying  the material (so that it can go to a museum instead.) ?
>Many thanks in advance for any peace of information
>Dr. Ursula Witte
>GEOMAR Research Center
>Dept. of Marine Environmental Geology
>Wischhofstr. 1-3; Geb. 8E
>D - 24148 Kiel
>phone ++49-431-600 2118
>fax       ++49-431-600-2928
>email  uwitte at geomar.de

Dr. Rosalie F. Maddocks, Professor
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