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Wed May 28 08:44:56 EST 1997

No. 16 of the 1997 Series of E-mail Announcements from the Paris InterRidge

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Within the programme "training and mobility of researchers: access to
large-scale facilities (LSF)" Ifremer is considering the possibility to
bring in its quite new facility: the ROV VICTOR.

VICTOR is a 6OOO meters depth ROV, presently operated from an IFREMER
oceanographic ship and from others in the future. It is fitted out with a
manipulator arm (7 axis), high resolution cameras and  a panoramic sonar,
and brings specific modules for scientific operations (depending on the
specific needs) that permit to sample inorganic or organic material, to make
physical and chemical measurements, and to make geotechnical measurements,
including oriented coring. All the datas are transmitted through optical
fibers, digitilized, preprocessed and stored on board the ship for further
scientific treatment. One great advantage of the ROV is to be able to
operate without stopping, typically 72 hours continuously (in opposition to
the deep maned submarines which have to come back to the surface every day,
which means a duration on the sea bottom only of a few hours), and with a
large number of scientists who can directly participate to the operation
around the TV screens (in opposition to the submarine bringing only one
scientist). The ROV is opening a new way for scientifics works, and it could
be very interesting to train scientists to this new mean in order they can
appreciate the new possibilities for scientific operations and envisage new
types of work unable to be conducted with conventionnal means.

We would appreciate very much if you could give us by return your feeling
and your interest for this new equipment that could be placed at the
disposal of scientists within the future LSF call of offers.

              Bertrand de Lagarde
              European affairs manager
              IFREMER =20

Tel    : 33 146482231
FAX    : 33 146482188
e-mail : bdelagar at ifremer.fr=20

      Sinceres salutations.

                        Alain Philippe CRESSARD
                       Coordinateur Scientifique
                     des Campagnes Oc=E9anographiques
                      155,Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau=20
                 92138 Issy les Moulineaux Cedex  France
                         Tel.33 (0)1 46 48 22 20=20
                         Fax 33 (0)1 46 48 22 24
                    Email : alain.cressard at ifremer.fr
                      www : http://www.ifremer.fr/

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