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Isaacs' Monster Camera & quill worms

Scott C. France frances at cofc.edu
Tue Aug 4 09:39:10 EST 1998

If you haven't seen it already, the paper below has photos and data on
Hyalinoecia (but not with respect to bait stations).  Hessler et al.
(Hessler, R. R., C. L. Ingram, A. A. Yayanos and B. R. Burnett. 1978.
Scavenging amphipods from the floor of the Philippine Trench. Deep-Sea
25:1029-1047.) provide this reference to the "monster cam":  Sessions,
M.H., J.D. Isaccs and R.A. Schwartzlose (1968) A camera system for the
observation of deep-sea marine life.  Paper presented at the Underwater
Photo-Optical Instumentation Applications Seminar, San Diego.

Wigley, R. L. and K. O. Emery. 1967. Benthic animals, particularly
Hyalinoecia (Annelida) and Ophiomusium (Echinodermata), in sea-bottom
photographs from the continental slope, p.  235-249. In  J. B. Hersey
(ed.), Deep-Sea Photography. Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore.

        Scott France

>I'm looking for the publications of John Dove Isaacs on his 'monster
>camera'  photos at baited camera drops done during the 1960s.
>As far as I can see there are none of his own apart from two popular
>articles in Scientific American. Everyone instead quotes the Dayton &
>Hessler 1972 paper (Deep-Sea Res. 19:199-208). Was anything else
>I'm also looking for any photos or records, published or unpublished of
>quill worms, Hyalinoecia spp., at bait stations. If you know of any please
>drop me a note.

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