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Deepsea Sharks

sharkman6224 at my-deja.com sharkman6224 at my-deja.com
Fri Feb 4 04:25:24 EST 2000

      I noticed that the Megalodon debate has died down - no doubt only
to resurface in a few months!!   Further to some of the postings I made
with regard to the Pacific Sleeper Shark (_Somniosus pacificus_) in
the "Something Big" chain.

      I mentioned that the largest specimen of this species ever seen
in the wild was seen in Japan.   Indeed, it was videoed in September
1989 (Doubilet, Kristof & Clark, 1990) in Japan's Suruga Bay, and was
estimated at 23ft!   Added to this I also mentioned that the Tiger
Shark has also been known to venture quite deep.   The depth record is
held by an 8.5ft female whom was photographed from a minisub at 1000ft
in February 1987 in Grand Cayman, Bahamas.

      For those of you interested, the below papers may be of some
interest.  If you have any questions feel free to ask!

                            -- M.B.
                    (sharkman6224 at my-deja.com)

Francis, M.P., Stevens, J.D. & Last, P.R. (1988). New records of
Somniosus from Australasia, with comments on taxonomy of the genus. New
Zeal. J. Mar. Freshw. Res. 23(3): 401-9.

Doubilet, D., Kristof, E. & Clark, E. (1990). Suruga Bay, in the shadow
of Mt. Fiji. Nat. Geogr. 178(4): 2-39 (October 1990).

de Astarola, J.M.D., Figueroa, D.E., Lucifora, L., Menni, R.C.,
Prenski, B.L. & Chiaromonte, C. (1999). New records of the pacific
sleeper shark, somniosus pacificus, from the southwest Atlantic.
Ichthyol. res. 46(3): 303-8.

Yang, M. & Page, B.N. (1999). Diet of the pacific sleeper shark,
Somniosus pacificus, in the Gulf of Alaska. Fish. Bull. 97(2): 406-9.

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