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Susanne Stetzer Susanne at airplant.net
Thu Feb 28 05:00:49 EST 2002

I am a designer living in Den Haag at the Netherland's coast.I am
starting an investigation about the natural rhythms of the earth. I
want to know specifically how the tidal rhythm is perceived at
different places of the world.

If you live at the coast somewhere (or if you know someone who does),
it would be nice to get some information about your coastal area.

The following questions can help me have an impression about your
specific area on the earth. You can answer them or take them as start
to tell your own story about your relationship with the sea. I am
interested in both subjective and objective remarks.

0 Your own position. Where do you live?

1 Characterize the change of the water level at your coastal area. How
big is the difference between low and high tide?

2 Describe the rhythm of falling and rising sea level as seen by naked
What sort rhythm the tide seems to have for you, personally?

3 Give an own estimation of the duration of falling/rising water at
your coast.

4 Can you describe specific things you do or see at ebb/flood. Can you
see or do things only at ebb or flood?

5 Can you notice any influence of the tidal rhythm on your own rhythm?

6 Describe how you perceive the connection between time and the tide. 

7 Do you relate more to ebb or to flood? Why?

8 Describe the sound of ebb/flood.

9 Do you know where/which coastal area is flooding when your coastal
area is ebbing?

10 Give your own explanation of the cause of the tides.

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