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New Deep-Sea Book

Peter Batson peterbrianbatson at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 20 09:34:33 EST 2003

Greetings Everyone.  I wish to announce the publication of a new book that 
will likely be of interest to many of you.

It is 'Deep New Zealand: blue water, black abyss'.

The book focuses on the deep-sea and open-ocean environments and 
biodiversity of the New Zealand region.  It joins one of a very small number 
of books on regional deep-sea faunas and ecology.

It will be of widespread interest because many of the taxa illustrated and 
discussed are cosmopolitan, and because many of the phenomena referred to 
are global in scope.

The book is divided into three sections:

1: Deep-sea environment and habitats (geology, seascapes, physical 
oceanography and ecology of the deep ocean).

2. Biodiversity - a phylum by phylum summary of oceanic and deep-sea 
biodiversity, including phytoplankton, microzooplankton, larger plankton and 
nekton, and benthic epifauna and infauna.  Epipelagic, mesopelagic, bathyal, 
abyssal and hadal faunas and habitats are discussed.

3. Human exploitation of the deep sea - a section primarily focused on 
deep-sea fishing in the region.

The book is profusely illustrated in full colour, with many rare and 
unpublished photographs of living deep-sea animals in-situ, as well as a 
wide variety of other illustrations.

The book was produced in association with the New Zealand Ministry of 
Fisheries, NZ's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, and 
the University of Otago.  More than 160 scientists and photographers from 
New Zealand and around the world participated in the project.

For more information about the book, please contact the author, Peter Batson 
(peterbrianbatson at hotmail.com).  I am also happy to answer any specific 

'Deep New Zealand: blue water, black abyss'; by Peter Batson; Canterbury 
University Press; 240 pages; 300+ illustrations in full colour; release 
March 2003).

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