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[Deepsea] New book on mollusks from the American Malacological Society

Charlie csturmjr at pitt.edu
Thu Aug 24 19:57:42 EST 2006


For those of you interested in mollusks the following book may be of
interest. The Mollusks: A Guide to Their Study, Collection, and
Preservation edited by C. Sturm, T.A. Pearce, and A. Valdés (Carnegie
Museum and LA County Museum of Natural History) has just been
published. The book has 445 page and 101 figures in 31 chapters.

All classes of living mollusks are covered. The Aplacophora,
Monoplacophora, Polyplacophora, Scaphopoda, and Cephalopoda are each
discussed in their own chapter. There are three chapters on the
Bivalvia and four on the Gastropoda. There are two chapters on
conservation (freshwater and marine) and a chapter on calcareous
organisms that might be mistaken for mollusks.

In addition, there are chapters on collecting, cleaning, narcotizing,
and tagging mollusks, on digital imaging, on film photography
(including underwater photography), on snorkeling and SCUBA, on
archival and curatorial practices, on the International Code of
Zoological Nomenclature, and a primer on cladistics and molecular
techniques. These are a few of the chapters.

More information on the book or information on purchasing it can be
obtained at


by going to the webpage, you will be able to down load the first 25
pages of the book. This includes all of Chapter One where you can get
more details about the rest of the 30 chapters. The book is sponsored
by the American Malacological Society.

The American Malacological Society is a not-for-profit organization.
Revenue from the book will help defray the costs of the scientific
program, student scholarships and grants. The AMS earns more if the
book is ordered from the publisher than through commercial ventures
such as Amazon.com or BarneandNobles.com. Thus, we would encourage
ordering directly from the publisher. If anyone has questions please
e-mail me at doc.fossil at gmail.com

The cost of the book is $35.95

Charlie Sturm (ed.)

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