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[Deepsea] In Linnaeus' Wake Scientific Meeting - June 1

Adrian Glover via deepsea%40net.bio.net (by a.glover from nhm.ac.uk)
Wed May 9 10:21:50 EST 2007

In Linnaeus=92 Wake: 300 years of marine discovery

A meeting, to be hosted at the Linnean Society of London with an =20
evening reception on the Swedish Ship G=F6theborg on the River Thames

June 1, 2007

The fundamental contribution of Linnaeus to the scientific world - a =20
system of nomenclature and classification - was underpinned by his =20
collections and those of his =91Apostles=92, made possible in the mid =20=

18th Century by the maritime power of European nations. Ships, and =20
shipping companies such as the Swedish East India Company (SOIC), =20
were used by Linnaeus to expand his collections from all over the =20
globe. To celebrate both the tercentenary of Linnaeus=92 birth, and the =20=

arrival of the Swedish Ship G=F6theborg in London (an exact replica of =20=

the 18th Century East Indiaman G=F6theborg used by the SOIC), a =20
scientific meeting will be hosted this summer at the Linnean Society =20
of London with an evening reception aboard the vessel moored on the =20
River Thames.

The meeting will cover the historical importance of the SOIC and =20
Linnaeus, life aboard an 18th century vessel, and scientifically will =20=

focus on marine systematic and taxonomic discoveries from the last =20
three hundred years. It will show how in the age of DNA sequencing =20
and deep-sea robotic submarines, much of marine science is still in =20
the =91discovery phase=92, just as it was in Linnaeus=92 day. Our =
meeting, =20
jointly sponsored by G=F6teborg University, Zoologica Scripta, the =20
Hasselblad Foundation, the Linnean Society and The Natural History =20
Museum will celebrate the life of Linnaeus and his legacy, and show =20
what an 18th century square-rigged East Indiaman was like for the =20
scientist and sailor.

Speakers will include: Dr Tony Rice, Prof Phil Rainbow, Dr Katrin =20
Linse, Dr Ben Wigham, Dr Kenneth Nyberg, Dr Hans Nyman, Dr John =20
Taylor, Dr Alex Rogers, Joakim Severinson

The full agenda is available here: http://web.mac.com/adrianglover/=20

The registration form is available for download here: http://=20

Please register soon as places are filling up!
Dr Adrian Glover
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The Natural History Museum
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