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[Deepsea] FW: deep sea research

mark robertson via deepsea%40net.bio.net (by mmwarmk from hotmail.com)
Mon Jan 5 07:07:02 EST 2009


  I was given this email address by Ted as you can see bellow=2C my origion=
al email is below. As you can see im interested in getting involved in the =
deep sea world in a more interesting way. I joined the oil and gas industry=
 as a stepping stone into exploration.

  If theres any information that anyone can give me about where i can look =
or who to speak to=2C it would be most welcome.


  Mark Robertson

From: gat from leicester.ac.uk
To: mmwarmk from hotmail.com
Date: Mon=2C 5 Jan 2009 10:25:55 +0000
Subject: RE: deep sea research

Hi Mark=2C


I am no longer actively organising deep sea research. I suggest
you send an email similar to the one below to the deepsea newsgroup (deepse=
a from net.bio.net)
and I will make sure that the message is forwarded to the list. This group
includes more than one hundred scientists active in deep sea research.


Best wishes=2C




Dr E. Gaten=2C Department of Biology

University of Leicester=2C Leicester=2C LE1 7RH UK=20

From: mark robertson [mailto:mmwarmk from hotmail.com]

Sent: 03 January 2009 03:22

To: gat from leicester.ac.uk

Subject: deep sea research


  Hi Ted=2C

  If theres one thing in life that ive wanted to do=2C its to research life
on earth.

  Im a skilled technician=2C and ROV pilot. Ive only been in the industry
three years=2C but im bored with construction and what ever else my work ca=
throw at me. My heart is in deep sea exploration=2C but i dont know where t=
start to get myself into that so different world. I feel like im wasted in =
oil and gas industry.

  Im sure youve heard this many times=2C but i hope that you will contact m=
in relation with joining your crew on future projects.

  If you cant help me with my goal=2C is there any other avenues that you
could point me to further my dream. =20

  Any help would be more that welcome

  Yours Sincerely=20

  Mark Robertson

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