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[Deepsea] Bionet Arthropods news/discussion list request for comments

gilbertd from indiana.edu via deepsea%40net.bio.net (by gilbertd from indiana.edu)
Mon Sep 21 16:15:09 EST 2009

There is interest among biologists who study various Arthropods
for a shared public news and discussion group. Please comment if
you would like to see a new Arthropod mailing list.

Values of sharing biology discussion and news among those who
study insects and crustaceans has been noted at recent venues,
including the Arthropod Genomics Symposia
(http://www.k-state.edu/agc/), Entomological Society meetings
(e.g. http://www.entsoc.org/), and recent arthropod genome projects.

BIOSCI/Bionet (www.bio.net) continues to serve such bioscience
community news needs, as it has since its inception 20
years ago by Michael Ashburner and others.  Community group
lists at Bionet include DROSOPHILA, ARABIDOPSIS, MAIZE,
Bionet currently is maintained at Indiana University by Don
Gilbert, a genome informatician specializing in arthropods.

There are related mailing lists (see below). The uses and content of 
this proposed list would presumably be similar. Please comment
whether you believe existing lists cover this need or prefer
a new one.  Comment also on proposed charter and areas.  Perhaps
this group should focus on one area such as genomics of arthropods.

Send your comments to bioforum from net.bio.net for public discussion
or biosci-help from net.bio.net (private to Don Gilbert).


Proposal for ARTHROPOD/bionet.arthropod (moderated)

One line Description:           Arthropod Biology

Status:                         Moderated
Moderators:	                to be named

Proposed mailing list name:     arthropod @ net.bio.net
                                bionet-arthropod @ net.bio.net (alias)
Proposed USENET name:           bionet.arthropod


The purpose of the ARTHROPOD newsgroup is to provide a public
forum for scientific discussion, communication and collaboration
of shared biology interests among scientists studying species of
Arthropoda, including insects and crustaceans. Topics may include
evolutionary biology, ecology and enviroment, genomics, molecular
and organismal biology, methods and biotechnology, informatics
and databases, and any other aspect touching on shared biology of


Related public mailing lists:

Arthropod Genomics Announcements

Bionet Drosophila

Vectorbase (mosquitoes, other human vectors)

Aphid genomics
Canadian Arthropods electronic mailing list 

List of various insect and arthropod mailing lists


Topics of Discussion:
  -- please suggest areas of special interest
In addition this newsgroup will provide:
  A forum for the exchange of information about future meetings
  of interest to those studying insects, crustaceans and other
  A venue for help and sharing of methods and techniques in areas
  such as Biological resources; Evolutionary and phylogenetic
  techniques; Genome analysis techniques; etc.

Proposed discussion leaders/moderators:
  -- to be named

The suggested list name is ARTHROPOD or bionet.arthropod 
Alternate spellings, ARTHROPODA or ARTHROPODS, can be considered
or other names.


  Don Gilbert
  BIOSCI/bionet Manager
  biosci-help at net.bio.net

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