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sample collection

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Thu Apr 13 08:11:51 EST 1995

In article <1FA3363D96 at mercury.uark.edu>, DRHOADS at MERCURY.UARK.EDU ("Douglas Rhoads") says:
>I would like to poll the this newsgroup as to what methods others 
>might recommend for sample collection.  We need to collect microliter 
>amounts of blood for PCR analysis.  Unfortunately, the samples should 
>be most easily collected by untrained animal handlers.  We have 
>looked into cap tubes and the micro-vacutainer type collection tubes 
>but all of these require using a lancet and then collection from skin 
>surfaces.  It would be really nice if there was a vacutainer/needle 
>system that collects only 10-100 microliters but those systems start 
>at around 2 ml.  Since we are using PCR we are very concerned that 
>with surface collection there can be cross-contamination from 
>handlers hands and from dander on the skin surface.  We also don't 
>want to have to design something.
>Does anyone have any suggestions where we might look??
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     I don't know of any small collection devices that would suit your purpose
but here is a little trick that might work for you. Smear some vaseline
or other hydrophobic grease at the sample site and do a skin stab with
a lancet through it. The blood will collect on the surface of the grease
as a little blob which can easily be taken up by capillarity into a 
capillary tube. There is also a product which surgeons use called opsite
which sticks to the skin surface and can be cut or injected through.

I don't know if this would give enough freedom of contact from the skin
but might work.



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