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Mabs from PAGE bands

Mon Mar 20 13:22:11 EST 1995

I haven't made MABs with PAGE eluted proteins but I have made polyclonal 
antibodies with them and the antisera I generated had an excellent specific 
titer.  I used it at a dilution of > 1 : 5000 for Western blots.  The antisera 
however, could not be used for immunopercipitation.  At the time we 
hypothesized that the sera was reacting to the linearized protein and that 
little if any secondary protein structure had reformed after elution from the 

While doing this work we considered using the whole gel, but we didn't think we 
could get the protocol passed the Animal Safety Committee so we didn't bother 
trying.  From what I remember, the thought was that the SDS and the acrylamide 
would cause severe lesion at the point of injections and cause undue suffering 
for the animal.

If you want our protocol let me know and I'll try to dig it up.

Bart Corsaro

Lederle-Praxis Biologicals
West Henrietta, New York

EMail:  Bart_Corsaro_at_USLRMG01 at internetmail.pr.cyanamid.com

My question: Has anybody raised Mabs using protein bands excised
from PAGE gels as the immunogen? If so can you use the gel band
itself as an implant without having to elute the protein?

Second question ( I have asked this before but for the benefit of
newcomers) Is anybody interested in Fungal diagnostics by serological


Robert Burns

Monoclonal Antibody Unit
Scottish Agricultural Science Agency
East Craigs

burns at sasa.gov.uk

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