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Sun Nov 26 14:23:30 EST 1995

I NEED HELP OR ANY ADVICE...... It seems to be a puzzle that my doctors are not 
able to solve at this time.

from Mark

I am computer scientist capable of solving all sorts of problems. However to 
solve my most important problem, I feel completely helpless. Enough said..

My doctors have diagnosed me few years(3 1/2) ago with Crohns disease. For most 
of the time disease stayed in terminal ileum part of small intestine. This has 
been confirmed by bunch of medical tests and endoscopies. The symptoms that I 
used to have was loose bowel movements twice a week. A day before a major flare 
up, I used to feel exhausted,no energy or vigor. I also had difficulty 
breathing at times. I never had a bloody diarrhea.

About 1 year ago, I felt a lot of pain the middle stomach. I also had a lot of 
acidity taste in the mouth and esophagus.  Anyway, my doctors told me that they 
diagnosed crohn's ulcer in the stomach walls. However, they continue to tell me 
that it is very very minor.  They put me on Pentasa (4x 4 times a day) and 
Prilosec(1 day). I don't have that acid taste anymore. It also helped a bit 
with the lower stomach(in the small intestine area). My bowel movements are 
pretty normal.

But, I feel a lot more burning pain and sensation in upper and mid stomach 
area. Sometimes, I feel that my guts are bursting inside. The other times, I 
feel that someone is scratching my guts from inside. Help!!!!!!

Also, about once a week, I don't seem to have any energy. I am completely 
exhausted. I find myself difficulty breathing normal air.I have a lot of pain 
in the eyes as well as toes and nails.

Is there anything I could do? Could I take some other medicine. My doctors keep 
telling me that I don't need anything else. What about herbs? or vitamins(my 
vitamin tests were all normal). What I need to travel abroad to get any further 
medical treatment? Where?

Thank you very much.


New Jersey,USA
Please respond to this newsgroup or my private address 
us011939 at interramp.com(stated also above)


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