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Getting Test Results Back to Patients Faster

Kim Kerns FZMP57A at prodigy.com
Thu Nov 30 00:10:24 EST 1995

New Physician to Patient Voice Messaging Service

Saves You and Your Staff  Time and Money.....
& Patients Get Test Results Faster !!

MedConnect, now available in Canada and USA, shifts 
the total burden away from physicians of insuring that patients
receive test results and places more of this responsibility
with patients themselves.

The MedConnect service bureau saves you large chucks of time.
This is accomplished by assuring that every time you or your
nurse picks up the phone to deliver a test result you will reach
the patient's confidential voice mail box.. never a busy signal or 
discovering your patient is not at home.. 

MedConnect gives patients the convenience of picking up their 
secure messages, recorded in your or nurse's own voice, at the 
patient's convenience ( 24 hours a day - 7 days a week ). 

The physician to patient messaging is uni-directional 
(i.e. patients receive messages and can not leave them).
Medconnect was designed in this manner to protect the 
your time.
Medconnect also supports two way physician to physician 
voice messaging and is now available for a flat rate giving
physicians throughout the USA and Canada a North American
Voice Messaging Network.   With the addition of  International 
Callback Service,  Medconnect can be inexpensively accessed
throughout the entire world.

You have complete flexibility in deciding when to use or not use 
the service on a patient by patient basis.  Daily fax reports are
generated informing you of patients who have not picked up their
messages and complete detail reports of all messages left and
retrieved are mailed to you at month end.

Medconnect is purchased on a "delivered " message basis.  Patient 
retrieval of messages are free.  MedConnect runs on an AT&T
Unix platform, is written in Scriptbuilder, has an Oracle database 
and uses a Merlin  switch .. no one ever hears a busy signal and
Medconnect provides the highest quality digitized voice playback 
of  your voice available today!
MedConnect is now operational and supporting physicians
in all 50 states and many parts of Canada via toll free 800

The script on the next two pages demonstrates how easy it 
is to receive and record messages.  This is an on line 
demonstration with live a 800 number and you are encouraged
to try the service out yourself right now!. 

 Example of How Patient would Listen to a Your Message:

 To Listen to a message..  dial                          1-800-636-7978 

 Type in your social security number                      069-38-7504

 Type in your Test Number                                                 
  1 #                       

 Other Examples:
 Please try these other 'Pin " numbers:


  Listen to your message...... Your message remains on the 
  system for five days after you first listened to it so that you
  may call back and hear it again!

 Perhaps the most powerful script has been left by 
 family practice physician who has been using 
 our service for some time ...
 To access these message  please dial the same 800 
 number 1-800-636-7978.... but this time at the voice
 prompt type in 456-789-123 for the social security
 number, then at the voice prompt type in  99999#...

Example of How Physician would  deliver Message 
to Patient's Mail Box
1.   Dial                                                         1-800-

2.   Enter                                                                

3.   Enter your physician pass code                             631079#

4.   Enter " 1"  to add a message for patient                            
              " 2 " to record a (standard) default message      
              " 3 " to record message for another physician 
              " 4 " to leave a voice mail message ( reminder )
              " 5 " to listen to your voice mail messages

5.   Enter Patient's social security number       ( enter your ss# )

6.   Enter the patient's pin                                              

7.   Enter  code to record a custom message                        3

      ( otherwise use code 1 or 2 to leave default message ) 

      Example of  message:

Hello Mr. Black, this is Dr. Wilbern.. the results of 
your cholesterol test have arrived and I'm pleased
to say that they are all within normal ranges.
Please continue to stay on your low fat diet and
we will re-check your count in two weeks. 
Please call us at 800-576-5146 to schedule an

see our Web Page at  Http://netmar.com/medconnect

MedConnect's Voice Messaging Price List


             Monthly fee        Messages           
                            $100             up to100 msgs. 

  One Time Set-up Fee / per Account  $200 

price per additional delivered message:
(patient pick-up of messages are free)  
$1.00/msg *

* rebates available for high volume accounts

For More Information Call:

Applied Information Technologies, Inc.
3001 River Hill Terrace
Midlothian , VA  23113

For more information please call 804-257-0372 
or send name and address to:

 Kim Kerns
 Applied Information Technologies, Inc.
 3001 River Hill Terrace
 Midlothian, Va. 23113
 e-mail        kkerns at i2020.net

Web Site: http://netmar.com/medconnect
 804-257-0372 voice mail
 804-378-8050 office
 804-794-9659 fax

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