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help wanted for a ill girl

ZX Lei bc005 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Tue Apr 23 12:02:03 EST 1996

Xinyang Li (xyl at wumpus.its.uow.edu.au) writes:
> From: chang at neu.edu.cn (Chang Guiran)
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> Subject: FW: Letter for asking for advice for a lovely little Chinese girl
> Dear Friends,
> Please help to distribute the following letter. Thanks.
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> Letter for asking for advice for a lovely little Chinese girl
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> This is a letter crying out for help for an innocent and clever girl only six
> years old, my daughter, who's name is Zhao Chengxi.
> She has suffered from a kind of very rare and terrible illness for more than
> two years. I have taken her to many hospitals and she has been treated  with
> many  treatments,up to now the  illness she suffered from is diagnosed as
> "Allergic Cutaneous Vasculitis", but because of the rareness of this kindof
> illness, it is very difficult to cure this illness. Now she still lives in a
> terrible situation full of suffering.
> Following are the details about the treatments of my daughter :
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>From  February 1994  onwards, my  daughter  began  to have  a fever, her
> temperature usually reached over thirty-nine degrees centigrade. Meantime,
> some painless rashes appeared on the skin.Afterbeingtreated with interferon,
> her temperature dropped to normal, the rashes also disappeared.
> But  from  June  1994  onwards, some itching papules 1.0spuare centimeters
> in size  appeared  on  the  skin  of my daughter,  and there  are  blisters
> in  the  center  of these papules.Her temperature  reached  to  forty
> degrees  centigrade, no shiver,normal antipyretics were used,but they
> are  useless,  high temperature  continued.Above symptoms kept appearing
> repeatedly afterwards.
>>From  August 12 1994  to  September 22 1994, I  took  my  daughter  to the
> subsidiary hospital of Chinese Medical University in  Shenyang. Througha
> systematic  examination, the  doctors there diagnosed this illness as
> "Allergic Cutaneous Vasculitis". The main medicine the doctors used is
> "Dexamethasone", a kind  of hormone. Indeed this kind of  medicine has
> some curative effect. The  daily  dose  of this kind of oral medicine is
> thirty milligrams at the beginning.But after the daily dose was reduced
> gradually, the illness state of my daughter got bad again,until July
> 1995, it  became  very  terrible  and  dangerous, her
> hands#027#$)A#014#!"#015#feet and
> limbs began to appearoedema,her temperature reached forty degrees centigrade.
> Moreover the side effects of hormone are very clear:My daughter,a very
> slender girl, was getting fatter than before;her kidneys and other visceras
> were harmed to some extent.
> In  order  to  carry  out  more  precise  diagnosis and better treatment,
> from  July 17 1995  to  September 17 1995, I  took  my  daughter to Beijing,
> We lived in the subsidiary Beijing Children's Hospital ofBeijing  Medical
> University, the best Children's Hospital in China .
> During  the  time  in  Beijing Children's Hospital, systematic and strict
> examination aboutblood#014#!"#015#urine#014#!"#015#dung and others showed
> that the palpitation
> and the breath of lung are  normal, but the amount of white cell exceed
> normal  and  the  liver  is  bigger than normal. Especially through the
> skin  biopsy, the  dortors  diagnosed  this illness as "Allergic Cutaneous
> Vasculitis",  according  to  above  systematic  examination especially the
> skin  biopsy  this  diagnosis  shold  be precise, the main medicine is still
> hormone. Through two monthes' treatment,theillness  state of my daughter
> was restrained to some extent.On September17we left Beijing Children's
> Hospital.
>>From  September 17 to now, the  illness  state  of my daughter began to
> become  bad  again, her hands#014#!"#015#feet#014#!"#015#limbs  and  face
> became  oedematous,
> her temperature also  reached  forty  degrees centigrade.That means the
> original  syptoms  of  this  illness  appeared  again, in anther word, my
> daughter  has  not  been  cured  well   and  completely,for  the illness
> "Allergic Cutaneous Vasculitis",better effective treatment has not been
> found yet in China now.
> Now I really feel disappointed, I really worry about losing my lovely
> daughter.
> So now I send this news by means of the internet asking for advice from you,
> it is the second time to sound this news (two monthes ago I sounded the first
> news ).
> I wish fromthe bottom of my heart that you provide the best treatment
> to this illness _____" Allergic Cutaneous Vasculitis " try your utmost. I am
> sure you have this ability.
> Thank you
> Any information please send to :
> huqiao at mail.neu.edu.cn
> Sincerely yours,
> Zhao lin


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