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(Fwd) Re: commercial plant pathogen molecular diagnostics

James Miller millerj at knoxy.agvic.gov.au
Mon Jun 3 22:07:00 EST 1996

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Date:          Fri, 17 May 1996 08:04:12 -0500 (EST)
From:          Don Marti <dmarti at agdia.com>
Subject:       Re: commercial plant pathogen molecular diagnostics
To:            James Miller <millerj at knoxy.agvic.gov.au>

Dear Dr. Miller,

This is in regard to your question on bionet.diagnostics regarding
molecular testing technologies for plant pathogens.

We at Agdia have several nucleic acid-based test systems for plant
pathogens, including nucleic acid hybridization tests for potato
spindle tuber viroid and chrysanthemum stunt viroid, and a PCR-based
testing service for phytoplasmas (mycoplasma-like organisms).

The hybridization tests are available either as a testing service or
as a kit.  Kit customers spot samples, then return membranes for

Phytoplasma testing is available as a testing service.

To purchase Agdia testing products or send samples for testing, we
have a distributor in Australia:

	TASAG ELISA and Pathogen Testing Service
	St. John's Avenue
	New Town, Tasmania  7008

	Contact:	Dr. Gradon R. Johnstone
	Telephone:     (61) 02-784-325
	Fax:           (61) 02-782-716

In addition to the two systems that are commercially available, we are
researching other molecular methods.  We also collaborate extensively
with government and university researchers who develop new testing

If you have World Wide Web access, I hope that you will visit our WWW
site: http://www.agdia.com for more information on the products and
services we offer.  And feel free to mail me with any questions on our
products or services.

Don Marti        |                         | Agdia Incorporated
dmarti at agdia.com |  http://www.agdia.com   |   Elkhart, Indiana
219-264-2014     |                         |                USA

James Miller
Agriculture Victoria
Institute for Horticultural Development
Private Bag 15
South Eastern Mail Centre
Victoria 3176

Ph-(03) 9210 9252             (o o)
FAX- (03) 9800 3521          ( O )

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