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Thalassemia problem

COGET Stephane sc002 at dial.oleane.com
Sun Mar 31 19:32:24 EST 1996

Young man of 30, who have never had before any sign, began to 
have, after a kind of infuenza, some sort of very light 
swimmings of the head (without any loss of stability).
After several tests (scanner ..) which were negative and a 
test for blood pathology, he came out he had a minor 
Questions :
- How comes he had never had before any trouble due to 
Thalassemia until the age of 29.
- Do you think swimmings of the head are because of 
Thalassemia ?
- The only medecine given to him is 'magnesium' and 'acid 
folique'. The result is not very positive because he goes on 
having these light swimmings of the head, which is very 
- What is the medecine or treatment indicated for that kind of 
disease ?
 - Do you know any center or hospital specialized on that 

Here after, a part of the blood pathology tests.
WBC					8.4
RBC			6.08
HGB			11.09
HCT			37.3
MCV			61.0
MCH			19.6
MCHC				32
RDW			15.1
MPV					9
Platelet count				321

HGB  Electrophoresis
Possible increase in Hemoglobin A2.   HGB A2 quantification by 
column chromatography is suggested.
HGB A		95.4
HGB A2		4.60
HB A2 by column	4.60
HB F by column			0.80

Poly, Lymph, Mono, Eos, Baso, Ani socytosis, Hypochromia, 
Microcytosis, Leukocyte morphology appears normal.

IRON test in profile A appears at 82 ug/dL
Haptoglobine results at 0.38 g/l

We apologize for our english which is probably not very 
correct and thanks in advance for your help.

Mail address :sc002 at dial.oleane.com

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