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emiaro at mbox.vol.it emiaro at mbox.vol.it
Mon Feb 2 08:43:34 EST 1998


(General Instrument User Like Immuno Analyzer)

EUROFRAME, Italy based biotech company since 1991, projected and
developed GIULIA=D6 (General Instrument User Like Immuno Analyzer) high
throughput robotics automation in immunoassay, no prototype yet. GIULIA=D6
can be tailored to your request, spectrophotometric enzyme immunoassay
with HRPO or ALP, fluorometric fluoro immuno assay, luminometric
chemiluminescent immuno assay; it depends on which revealing technology 
your company developed the kit. THE KIT MUST BE ON MICROTITER WELLS
FORMAT. GIULIA=D6 is open and automates all steps of immunoassays such as
automatic sample dispensing, automatic sample pre dilution, automatic
sample post  dilution, reagent addition, shaking, washing, incubating,
reading and reducing data. GIULIA=D6 works at room temperature and 37 C,
is random access fully automated and walk away, can handle up to 20
different tests simultaneously, sample can be introduced continuously 24
hours a day, GIULIA=D6 check the stored reagents and ask for new reagents
when needed, GIULIA=D6 works with master curve and 1 or 2 points for
recalibrate, GIULIA=D6 stores all data of kits and ask for calibrating new
lot number when introduced in its storage place, GIULIA=D6 executes 100 of
2 step tests (30 minutes, 30 minutes, 20 minutes) and 100 of 1 step
tests (30 minutes, 20 minutes) in 4 hours and 20 minutes. GIULIA=D6 can
run tests for: hepatitis (no carry over pipetting tips are changed 
every time), oncology, infectious diseases, molecular biology, viral
diseases and others.
EUROFRAME is actively seeking partnership for pursuing prototype and
production. Technical details available under legal non disclosure


Corso Torino 56
Fax: ++39 141 216610
Fax: ++39 141 298222

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