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Definition of Ecophysiology

Paul van Gardingen PAULVG at srv0.bio.ed.ac.uk
Wed Nov 29 10:13:37 EST 1995

These are available from the mailbase archive (see below for 

In summary, 

1) there seems the be general agreement that ecophysiology and
physiological ecology are the same, or as near to as does not matter.

2) Ecophysiology is different from environmental physiology. 

3) BUT from these messages and a few references I have
found..... The bad news is that there is no general agreement of the
definitions of ecophysiology and how it differs from environmental

So to take this a bit further:

I consider ecophysiology to be the application of physiological
principles and methodologies to the science of ecology.  As such it
relates to organisms living in their natural environment. (i.e.
comes back to the greek definition of oikos, meaning living place or

Environmental physiology in contrast does not need to be related to
the "home" of the plant.  

Please, disagree or even agree with me.

Paul van Gardingen
The University of Edinburgh.

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