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SEB annual meeting 1995: book on plant cuticles now published

Kerstiens G g.kerstiens at lancaster.ac.uk
Fri Nov 8 10:35:47 EST 1996

A volume uniting the invited papers presented at  one of the
SEB/BES Environmental Plant Physiology Group's sessions
at this year's SEB meeting has just been published:

Plant Cuticles - an integrated functional approach
(edited by G. Kerstiens)
BIOS Scientific Publishers, Oxford, UK
337 + xiv pages
ISBN 1 85996 130 4
Price: stlg60 (120 US dollars)

25% discount available for members of the SEB or BES.
SEB members: please place your order with the Society.
BES members: please consult the BES Bulletin.


Table of contents:

* D Edwards, GD Abbott and JA Raven *
Cuticles of early land plants: a
palaeoecophysiological evaluation.

* CE Jeffree *
Structure and ontogeny of plant cuticles.

* PE Kolattukudy *
Biosynthetic pathways of cutin and waxes,
and their sensitivity to environmental stresses.

* L Schreiber, T Kirsch and M Riederer *
Diffusion through cuticles: principles and models.

* G Kerstiens *
Diffusion of water vapour and gases across
cuticles and through stomatal pores
presumed closed.

* J Schonherr and P Baur *
Effects of temperature, surfactants and other
adjuvants on rates of uptake of organic

* JD Barnes and J Cardoso-Vilhena *
Interactions between electromagnetic radiation
and the plant cuticle.

* K Mendgen *
Fungal attachment and penetration.

* M Riederer and C Markstadter *
Cuticular waxes - a critical assessment of
current knowledge.

* SD Eigenbrode *
Plant surface waxes and insect behaviour.

* KE Espelie *
Integrated case study: effects of maize leaf
epicuticular lipids on insect pests.

* DM Jackson and DA Danehower *
Integrated case study: Nicotiana leaf-surface
components and their effects on insect pests
and diseases.

* TLW Carver, SM Ingerson and BJ Thomas *
Influences of host surface features on develop-
ment of Erysiphe graminis and Erysiphe pisi.

* DR Butler *
The presence of water on leaf surfaces and its
importance for microbes and insects.

* JN Cape *
Surface wetness and pollutant deposition.

* S Huttunen *
Interactions between epiphytic microbes and
deposited compounds.

* J Grace and PR van Gardingen *
Plant cuticles under challenge.

Apologies for cross-posting!

G. Kerstiens

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