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Plant ecophysiology workshop: final announcement

Simon Allen sallen at srv0.bio.ed.ac.uk
Mon Feb 9 09:50:37 EST 1998

                Plant Environmental Physiology Group of the
                     Society for Experimental Biology

4th International Workshop on Field Techniques for Environmental Physiolog=

                  Almer=EDa, Spain, 30 March - 5 April, 1998

                        *** Final Announcement ***

The full details of the workshop, including the programme, speakers, costs=
and photos of the venue and surroundings are available at: 


To receive a booking form, please register your interest via the on-line
Registration Form at the web-site. The original deadline has been extended
to Monday 16 February, as there are still a few places available.

For those without Web access, a text version of the workshop information
is appended below. 


                Plant Environmental Physiology Group of the
                     Society for Experimental Biology

4th International Workshop on Field Techniques for Environmental Physiolog=

                  Almer=EDa, Spain, 30 March - 5 April, 1998

** Outline

The workshop aims to introduce newer scientists to a range of plant
ecophysiological techniques for field measurements. The workshop will
emphasise training and include presentations from experienced
practitioners, equipment demonstrations and opportunities for hands-on wor=
with instruments. Participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment
and contribute to demonstrations and the sharing of experience. The
practical application of techniques will be illustrated through a field
trip to see on-going plant ecophysiological research in the area around
Almer=EDa, one of the driest regions in Europe. The number of people
attending the workshop will be restricted to 50 to allow easy communicatio=
between all participants.

** Programme

   * Monday 30th March
     Registration and welcome meeting.
   * Tuesday 31st March
     Talks and setting up instruments.
   * Wednesday 1st April
     Equipment demonstrations, practical session, talks, poster session.
   * Thursday 2nd April
     Equipment demonstrations, practical session, talks, workshop dinner.
   * Friday 3rd April
     Excursion to see plant ecophysiological research at EEZA field sites.
   * Saturday 4th April
     Analysis and presentation of results from practical sessions, summary
     and closure.
   * Sunday 5th April

** Talks and speakers

  1. Planning field-based plant ecophysiological research
     Lynton Incoll, University of Leeds, UK
  2. Measuring plant microclimate
     James Morison, University of Essex, UK
  3. Measuring plant water potential and hydraulic conductivity
     Marisa Gallardo, Universidad de Almer=EDa, Spain
     Carmen Gimenez, Universidad de C=F3rdoba, Spain
  4. Measuring sap flow and stand-scale transpiration
     Denis Loustau, INRA Recherche Foresti=E8res, France
  5. Measuring plant gas exchange
     Peter Farage, University of Essex, UK
  6. Fluorescence studies of photosynthesis
     Jeremy Harbinson, Institute of Agrotechnology, ATO-DLO, Wageningen,
     The Netherlands
  7. Measuring canopy properties
     To be confirmed
  8. Measuring root system properties
     Mark Smith, Institute of Hydrology, Wallingford, UK
  9. Measuring soil water content and potential
     Chris Dirksen, Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands
 10. Measuring vegetation properties and productivity
     To be confirmed
 11. Micrometeorological measurements of vegetation-atmosphere fluxes   
     Yadvinder Malhi, University of Edinburgh, UK
 12. Physiological ecology of plants from semi-arid environments
     Francisco Pugnaire, EEZA, Almer=EDa, Spain

There will also be a Poster Session, where participants can present work
dealing with the development or application of field techniques in plant
ecophysiological research.

** Accommodation and transport

All participants will be accommodated in Hotel Playa Capricho, a 4* touris=
hotel, located in Roquetas de Mar, about 20 km from Almer=EDa. The hotel
offers conference facilities and comfortable rooms in a beach-side
location. Participants will book their accommodation (bed and breakfast)
directly (see costs). The cost of lunch, coffee breaks and the workshop
dinner will be included in the workshop registration fee (see costs).
Evening meals (except the workshop dinner) are not included, as
participants are expected to dine informally in the many restaurants close
to the hotel.

Although the international airport at Almer=EDa is the closest to the
workshop venue, it receives few direct flights from outside Spain at the
time the workshop takes place, as this is before the summer holiday season=
M=E1laga is used by a wider range of airlines and carries a much larger
volume of international flights throughout the year, therefore providing
cheaper and more flexible travel options. We will provide coaches to
transfer participants from M=E1laga airport to the workshop hotel.

There will be two coaches on Monday 30th March to meet inbound
flights (leaving the airport at 13h and 18h), and one on Sunday 5th April
for outbound travel (arriving at the airport at 12h). The cost of the
coaches will be included in the workshop fee. Transfers at other times or
to other airports must be arranged by participants themselves.

** Equipment demonstrations

Equipment demonstrations and "hands-on" practical sessions will be held in
the garden of the hotel. The demonstrations will be given by equipment
manufacturers, speakers and participants, and will be pre-scheduled before
the workshop. If you are interested in giving a demonstration, please
indicate this when registering, and give the amount of time required
(maximum 45 minutes).

We are pleased to announce that the following equipment manufacturers have
confirmed their attendance:

   * Hansatech Instruments, Kings Lynn, United Kingdom
   * Heinz Walz GmbH, Effeltrich, Germany
   * LI-COR Inc., Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
   * PP Systems, Hitchin, United Kingdom
   * Skye Instruments, Llandrinod Wells, United Kingdom

** Field trip

There will be a full-day's coach trip to two field sites operated by the
Estaci=F3n Experimental de Zonas =C1ridas (EEZA), to see their current
field-based research and the typical vegetation of the region. The sites
visited will be: (1) the highly-eroded "badlands" in the Desierto de
Tabernas, where EEZA are conducting field studies of the interaction
between climate change and desertification processes; (2) the Rambla
Honda, a formerly-cultivated valley, where EEZA are undertaking
long-term studies of vegetation dynamics, hydrology and erosion. 

** Booklets for participants

All participants will receive a booklet containing summaries of the talks
given at the workshop.

In addition, they will receive a copy of the "Environmental Perspectives
1996/7" compendium issue of the Journal of Experimental Botany containing
all articles produced by the Third International Workshop on Field
Techniques for Ecophysiology (Rapolano, Italy, September 1995) and
previously published in the Journal between September 1996 and May 1997.

** Workshop Costs

The accommodation cost (bed and breakfast) will be approximately UK =A328 =
person per night in a shared double room, and =A336 in a single room.

The full workshop registration fee will be =A3224, reduced to =A3174 for
full SEB or BES members, =A3134 for bona-fide students (a letter from your
institute will be necessary) and =A394 for current student members of the =
or BES. This fee covers the cost of airport transfers via M=E1laga, welcom=
cocktail, lunch, coffee breaks, the Environmental Perspectives 1996/7
special issue and a booklet containing summaries of the conference papers;
separate charges will be made for the workshop dinner (=A326) and field
excursion (=A320).

** Organisation

The workshop is organised on behalf of the Plant Environmental Physiology
Group of the Society for Experimental Biology and the British Ecological
Society. Local support is being provided by the Estaci=F3n Experimental de
Zonas =C1ridas (EEZA), located in Almer=EDa. The organisers are James Mori=
(University of Essex, UK), Francisco Domingo (EEZA, Spain) and Simon Allen
(University of Edinburgh, UK).

** Register for booking form

To receive the booking form and more details please use the on-line
Registration Form.

Firm bookings and a registration fee will be required by January 26th
[this deadline has been extended as there are a few places left, but
please register by Monday 16 February]

If your web-browser does not allow you to use the on-line form, please
register by sending your full name, email and postal addresses to James
Morison. If you are planning to present a poster, please state its title
and authorship. To aid in planning the workshop, please also indicate the
topics (see list of talks) that interest you most, and whether you would
like to give a demonstration.

     Dr James I.L. Morison
     Dept of Biological Sciences
     J.T. Labs
     University of Essex
     Wivenhoe Park
     CO4 3SQ
     United Kingdom

     Email: morisj at essex.ac.uk
     Fax: +44 1206 873416
     Tel: +44 1206 873327

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