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GenBank newsgroup FAQ

Francis Ouellette francis at cmmt.ubc.ca
Wed Jan 12 12:08:40 EST 2000

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 02:14:38 -0800 (PST)
From: Francis Ouellette <francis at cmmt.ubc.ca>
To: genbankb at net.bio.net
Subject: GenBank newsgroup FAQ

Dear GenBank newsgroup readers,

Since this group is now moderated, we can start thinking about
re-establishing the redership. And to do so, I would like to see what
kind of questions people would like to see in an FAQ (Frequently Asked
Questions) list.

I can add some of the questions the NCBI has in their news letter, and
also take some from the various things I've written about GenBank
over the years.

Some (obvious to me, but maybe not others) include:

1- What is GenBank? 
2- How doi I submit to GenBank?
3- What is the relationship to EMBL, DDBJ?
4- What is the relationship to other sequence databases?
5- What happened to the NID? (what was that for anyways?)
6- What is Sequin? (see question 2)
7- How do I query GenBank?
8- What do I do when I find mistakes in GenBank?
9- How do I update my genBank record?
10- Can I update somebody else's record?
11- What is the relationship between GenBank and NCBI?
12- What do I do when I find the same record twice in GenBank?
13- What is GenPept? 
14- Where do I find it?
15- Where do I find the latest stats on GenBank growth?
16- What is the doubling time of GenBank?
17- What is the relationship between the GenBank divisions and the
    BLAST database divisions?

other questions?

fire away, and we'll getthe FAQ up and running!



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