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FTP problem for GB Release 144.0

Mark Cavanaugh cavanaug at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
Mon Nov 1 16:17:20 EST 2004

Greetings GenBank users,

On Thursday Oct. 21 I wrote:

> If you attempted to FTP GenBank 144.0 between 3:00am EDT 10/20/2004
> and 6:00am EDT 10/21/2004, there is a chance that the files you
> transferred were from the previous release (August, 143.0) .
> An easy way to determine this is to simply check the header of
> the release notes ( gbrel.txt ). If the date is *not* October 15
> and the release number is *not* 144.0, then you will have to
> re-transfer the data files.

If you reconnect to the NCBI FTP server multiple times
when downloading a GenBank release (new connection for
each file; new connection for each division), then checking
only the header of the gbrel.txt file would not suffice .

With each new connection, you could potentially have been
directed to the backup FTP site that had the content problem.
And thus some subset of the files transferred might have been
from Release 143.0 rather than 144.0 .

So a comprehensive check of the headers of all the release files
might be appropriate. Here's how one count go about this on a
unix platform with csh/tcsh :

	set files = `ls gb*.*`
	foreach i ($files)
		head -10 $i | grep Release

Or, if the files are compressed, perhaps:

		gzcat $i | head -10 | grep Release

Any file for which the release number in the header is not 144.0
would have to be re-transferred.


Mark Cavanaugh


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