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New Book on Carbohydrates

Tue Jan 9 22:06:34 EST 1996

        New Book on Carbohydrates

Modern Methods in Carbohydrate Synthesis

Shaheer H. Khan
Roger A. O'Neill
Perkin Elmer, Applied Biosystems Division
850 Lincoln Centre Drive
Foster City, California 94404, USA
This book presents in one volume a sequence of chapters leading 
from classical methods through today's newest state-of-the-art 
technology for oligosaccharide synthesis.  It places particular 
emphasis on the most recent breakthroughs in the field, including 
emerging technologies for both oligosaccharide and glycoconjugate 
synthesis.  Chapters describing the synthesis of the increasingly 
important glycosidic linkage analogs, as well as of 
oligosaccharides containing derivatives and analogs of natural 
sugars are included.  Enzymatic synthesis, also covering combined 
chemical and enzymatic synthesis, is also included.  Chapters are 
written by the leading experts in the field.  Wherever possible, 
methods of synthesis are provided in sufficient detail to allow 
the reader to implement the techniques described.  More than 1700 
references are provided in the 21 chapters comprising the book.  
This volume should provide a wealth of information to a large 
number of synthetic organic chemists, medicinal chemists, protein 
chemists, biochemists, glycobiologists and cell biologists, 
including students in these fields.

Harwood Academic Publishers
ISBN: 3-7186-5785-6 (Cloth)     
ISBN: 3-7186-5921-2 (Paperback) 

For further information about this publication please contact:

info at gbpub.com
utpbooks at gpu.utcc.utoranto.ca
info.ipd at gbpub.com


    Raymond U. Lemieux                      

 1. Twenty Five Years of Carbohydrate Chemistry; An Overview of   
    Oligosaccharide Synthesis   
    Hans Paulsen

 2. The Anomeric O-Alkylation and the Trichloroacetimidate Method 
    - Versatile Strategies for Glycoside Bond Formation     
    Richard R. Schmidt

 3. Synthesis of Glycosyl Halides for Oligosaccharide Synthesis   
    Using Dihalogenomethyl Methyl Ethers  
    Pavol Kov c

 4. Glycosylation Properties and Reactivity of Thioglycosides,    
    Sulfoxides, and other S-glycosides: Current Scope and Future  
    Thomas Norberg

 5. Phenyl Selenoglycosides as Versatile Glycosylating Agents in  
    Oligosaccharide Synthesis and the Chemical  Synthesis of      
    Disaccharides Containing Sulfur and Selenium    
    Seema Mehta and B. Mario Pinto

 6. Synthesis and Use of S-Xanthates, Carbohydrate Enol-Ethers    
    and Related Derivatives in the Field of Glycosylation       
    Pierre Sina˜ and Jean-Maurice Mallet

 7. n-Pentenyl Glycosides in Oligosaccharide Synthesis  
    Robert Madsen and Bert Fraser-Reid 

 8. Coupling of Glycals: A New Strategy for the Rapid Assembly of 
    Mark T. Bilodeau and Samuel J. Danishefsky

 9. Advances in Polymer-Supported Solution Synthesis of           
    Jiri J. Krepinsky

10. Protecting Groups in Oligosaccharide Synthesis          
    T. Bruce Grindley

11. Synthesis of beta-D-Mannose Containing Oligosaccharides     
    Frank Barresi and Ole Hindsgaul

12. Synthesis of Sialoglycoconjugates                   
    Akira Hasegawa

13. Synthetic Studies on Cell-Surface Glycans: An Approach to     
    O-linked Sialoglycoprotein           
    Yoshiaki Nakahara, Hiroyuki Iijima and Tomoya Ogawa

14. Synthesis of C-Glycosides; Stable Mimics of O-Glycosidic      
    Carolyn R. Bertozzi and Mark Bednarski

15. Recent Developments in Glycopeptide Synthesis           
    Stefan Peters, Morten Meldal and Klaus Bock

16. Design and Synthesis of Glycoconjugates             
    Ren‚ Roy

17. Synthesis of Biologically Active Sulfated and Phosphorylated  
    Wasimul Haque and Robert  M. Ippolito

18. Synthetic Glycosyltransferase Acceptors and Inhibitors;       
    Useful Tools in Glycobiology    
    Khushi L. Matta

19. Practical Synthesis of Oligosaccharides Based on              
    Glycosyltransferases and Glycosylphosphites  
    Chi-Huey Wong

20. Use of Glycosyltransferases in the Synthesis of Unnatural     
    Oligosaccharide Analogues   
    Suzanne C. Crawley and Monica M. Palcic

21. Synthesis with Glycosidases                     
    Kurt G. I. Nilsson

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