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O-linked sugars

Sun Sep 22 20:12:29 EST 1996

We have an antibody (MUD50) that recognises Ser/Thr-O-GlcNAc (beta comformation) in 
the context of a PTVT repeat.  It will recognise a single T-GlcNAc and it also 
recognises S-GlcNAc, but I am unsure whether the there are other amino acid sequence 
constraints on the antibody recognition, eg it may require adjacent proline residues.   
Thus, the lack of a reaction with MUD50 might be due to the particular amino acid 
sequence.  We would be eager to find out.

Cheers, Martin Slade


>To:            glycosci at net.bio.net
>Subject:       O-linked sugars
>From:          (k.c.breen at dundee.ac.uk)
>Date:          19 Sep 1996 14:38:32 GMT
>I would like to check for the presence of Ser/Thr-O-GlcNAc on a protein.
>Looking through the appropiate catalogues, I cannot find a lectin that
>specifically labels this sugar group. I would be grateful if somebody could
>give me details of how I may assay for this particular sugar linkage.
>Kieran Breen, Dept. of Pharmacology,                  
>University of Dundee,                   
>Ninewells Hospital & Medical School,    
>Dundee DD1 9SY,Scotland, U.K.                                              
>k.c.breen at dundee.ac.uk                  
Martin Slade,
School of Biological Sciences,
Macquarie University,
NSW 2109,
FAX  (61 2) 850 8174
Phone(61 2) 850 8210

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