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  1. Tebio, 1 international exhibition on biotechnology   ANSBA - Associazione Nazionale Sviluppo Biotecnologie Avanzate
  2. Article urgently needed   Tim Eades
  3. starch film with glycerol as a softner   Tim Eades
  4. Please help me save the old PubMed   D Forsdyke
  5. Reflections on Skywriting   Stevan Harnad
  6. ARE THE SENSES SEPARATE? BBS Call for Commentary   Stevan Harnad
  7. The Magical Number 4: BBS Call for Commentators   Stevan Harnad
  8. ASLIB Biosciences Group Annual Conference (fwd)   Stevan Harnad
  9. BioMed Central copyright policy   Stevan Harnad
  10. BioMed Central copyright policy (fwd)   Stevan Harnad
  11. Who will own copyrights?   Stevan Harnad
  12. Santa Fe Open Archive Convention Released Today   Stevan Harnad
  13. Preprint Network: DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information   Stevan Harnad
  14. Why price boycott is the wrong strategy   Stevan Harnad
  15. Rename Forum: Author Auto-Archiving Forum   Stevan Harnad
  16. Legal ways around copyright for one's own giveaway texts   Stevan Harnad
  17. (NONE)   Akira Shinagawa
  18. I've got a secret   Vanessa
  19. Discover Hidden Secrets About Your Neighbors   bbufe at personal.ro
  20. Accept All Major Credit Cards!!!   bettykol at cau.ac.kr
  21. Article urgently needed   blades at novagate.com
  22. Offshore Wealth!!!   jfousry745689078 at hotmail.com
  23. Discover The Ultimate Home Based Business   liberty13 at 2bmail.co.uk
  24. Extra $$ 4 New Millenium!! $50,000+   mksier
  25. L`E.G-A,L C,A`B.L,E T-V D,E-S.C.R,A.M.B.L.E.R.... 5209   wqiszk at w3r92b3.com

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