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  1. Decode mouse genome?   Donald Forsdyke
  2. cancel <8qpmsi$hbq$32@newsgw8.odn.ne.jp>   nakanishi reiko
  3. cancel <8qpmrm$hbq$14@newsgw8.odn.ne.jp>   nakanishi reiko
  4. cancel <20000929024422.B978B415DC@mercury.hgmp.mrc.ac.uk>   thunder1974 at arabia.com
  5. cancel <Pine.SGI.3.95.1000929171309.22575V-100000@cogito.ecs.soto n.ac.uk>   Stevan Harnad
  6. cancel <AatB5.192384$LH4.748354@telenews.teleline.es>   jwxlqx at dfdfdgdf.com
  7. At last, HERBAL V the all natural alternative!   rsb at docsj.de
  8. NEW-Make $200.00 - $400.00 A Day-EZ   gtreet245 at excite.com
  9. Do you think primary peer-reviewed research should be free? Will you publish on the Web?   spooky
  10. Tired of CENSORSHIP and SPEED CAPPING? Tell the F.C.C.! Link to TIME WARNER - AOL merger case docket here! 3115   qqknxn at aol.com
  11. Hi, this is for you.....   frank65_8 at norcol.ac.uk
  12. subscribe   lyan
  13. Self-Archiving Why's   Stevan Harnad
  14. Eprints / Cog Prints (fwd)   Stevan Harnad
  15. ARE YOU READY TO MAKE SOME REAL CASH AT HOME?   patty967_7 at mirror.co.uk
  16. Petitions, Boycotts, and Liberating the Refereed Literature Online   Stevan Harnad
  17. STORMFRONT JOBS (4dee2ba4)   Marta Daglow
  18. Open Archive for the National Health Service (UK)   Stevan Harnad
  19. Workshop on Open Archives Initiative in Europe   Stevan Harnad
  20. Workshop on Open Archives Initiative in Europe   Stevan Harnad

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