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Problem with W22 tassels

Dave Weber dfweber at mail.bio.ilstu.edu
Wed Aug 26 17:45:51 EST 1998

Dear Nabil,

We would be happy to provide you with a reasonably large number of W22
kernels, we use this inbred extensively in our work and have a reasonably
large supply of it.  Also, Jerry Kermicle of the University of Wisconsin has
worked extensively with it, and also probably has a plentiful supply.

Although we have not grown it under greenhouse conditions, we have never
encountered any problems with pollen shed with this inbred in our Illinois
summer nursery or in winter nurseries grown on Molokai, Hawaii.  Is it
possible that the type you are growing is a cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS)?


David F. Weber

David F. Weber, Professor of Genetics
Department of Biological Sciences
Illinois State University
Normal, IL 61790-4120
Phone:  (309) 438-2685, FAX (309) 438-3722

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> From:	NABIL ELROUBY [SMTP:nelrou at po-box.mcgill.ca]
> Sent:	Wednesday, August 26, 1998 4:45 PM
> To:	nobody at net.bio.net
> Subject:	Problem with W22 tassels
> Accompanying request, received at the Maize Genetics COOP, forwarded to
> the
> maize net.
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> Dear sir/Mme:
> I am a graduate student at the dept of Biology, Mcgill University,
> Montreal, Canada. My Ph.D. project involves some molecular studies on
> maize and some of it wild relatives (teosinte). The reason I am writing
> you is that I'm in need for some advice. I have been wanting to generate
> a large number of maize (W22) seeds for RNA extraction from etiolated
> seedlings but unfortunately I have come through a problem; My W22 plants
> grown in our greenhouse conditions develop normally and flower normally
> but do NOT shed any pollen. The same problem was encountered by another
> lab colleage. In this way, I have wasted a lot of time trying to get the
> seed I need for my experiments.
> I would really appreciate it if someone can answer me back with an idea
> of why is this happenning and what should I do to avoid it. Also I will
> really appreciate it if someone can help me by providing me with some
> W22 seed (300 to 400 seeds) to be able to start my experiment until the
> problem is solved.
> Thank you very much
> Nabil Elrouby
> Dept of Biology
> McGill University
> 1205 Dr. Penfield Ave
> Montreal, PQ
> H3A 1B1
> Canada
> tel   514-398-2141
> fax  514-398-5069
> e.mail:  nelrou at po-box.mcgill.ca

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