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PCR primers

Mary Polacco maryp at teosinte.agron.missouri.edu
Fri Dec 18 17:17:52 EST 1998

Hi Robert,

MaizeDB has a list up of SSR primers which will be updated this weekend
with new releases from the Missouri Maize Project and from the European Map
Maize Project. The list is by map location.

Size of the PCR amplified product, where we have the data, are listed under the
GelPatterns attached to the Probe entries on the list.

Another way to obtain the information is to go to the Locus query page,
scroll down the page to the fields:
   Detected By
   Probe          Method
and select the Probe Method PCR or PCR-SSR, then click on the
retrieve button and a  list of locus symbols/full names will appear. I notice
that one of these is listed as
  ssu1 ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase small subunit

To get the sequences from this route, you will need to scroll down the
page for a given locus, such as ssu1, and click on the probe of
interest. For ssu1, there are two, listed with the method, PCR-SSR.
Unfortunately, we do not have any molecular size information for the
amplification products.

Note: the primers for loci with names styled bmc#, have not yet
been released.

Please let me know if I can be of further help. Also, we are reworking
access to the SSR information and any hints about what else,
besides size and gene product, you would like to have accessible, would
be most helpful to us.

Mary Polacco Curator MaizeDB
573-884-7873 (phone); -7850 (fax)

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  > Can anyone help me with this?  I need the sequences for a pair of
  > primers that would enable me to use PCR to produce a DNA band of
  > anywhere from 300-1000 bp in Zea mays.  It would be best if for the
  > cDNA from a relatively conserved gene, ie a housekeeping (or other,
  > maybe corn RuBiSCO).  This will be used to QC some cDNA libraries we
  > are making.  Thanks in advance for your help?
  > Robert E. Enns
  > Bio 101
  > renns at bio101.com

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