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International Conference on Polyphenols Lille (France) Sept 1-4 199=

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Tue Jul 14 12:52:53 EST 1998

You are welcome to attend the 19th International Conference on Polyphenols
organised by the "Groupe Polyph=E9nols" by Christian ROLANDO (CNRS, USTL
Lille, France) and Augustin SCALBERT (INRA Avignon, France), in Lille
(France) from the 1st to the 4th of September, 1998. The congress will be
very lively as we expect that more than three hundreds communications
coming from countries all over the world will be presented: Algeria (1),
Argentina (1), Armenia (1), Australia (2), Austria (1), Belarus Republic
(1), Brazil (6), Bulgaria (3), Canada (7), China (2), Czech Republic (1),
Denmark (2), Egypt (2), Finland (3), France (95), Georgia (1), Germany
(14), Greece (5), India (10), Israel (2), Italy, (15), Japan (12),
Kazakhstan (2), Mexico (1), Morocco (8), New Zealand (3), Nigeria (2),
Norway (1), Poland (5), Portugal (11), Romania (7), Russia (12), Spain
(25), Sweden (1), Taiwan (2), The Netherlands (4), South Africa (1),
Ukraine(1), United Kingdom (18), USA (9), Venezuela (3), Yugoslavia (1)
Le Groupe polyph=E9nols vous invite cordialement =E0 participer =E0 ses XIX=
Journ=E9es Internationales d'Etude des Polyph=E9nols, oragnis=E9es par Chris=
ROLANDO (CNRS, USTL Lille, France) et Augustin SCALBERT (INRA Avignon,
=46rance) =E0 Lille du 1er au 4 septembre 1998. Le congr=E8s sera
particuli=E8rement anim=E9 car plus de trois cents communications provenant =
tous les pays de monde seront pr=E9sent=E9es: Allemagne (14), Alg=E9rie (1),
Argentine (1), Arm=E9nie (1), Australie (2), Autriche (1), Bi=E9lorussie (1)=
Br=E9sil (6), Bulgarie (3), Canada (7), Chine (2), Danemark (2), Egypte (2),
Espagne (25), Etats Unis d'Am=E9riques (9), Finlande (3), France (95),
G=E9orgie (1), Gr=E8ce (5), Inde (10), Isra=EBl (2), Italie, (15), Japon (12=
Kazakhstan (2), Maroc (8), Mexique (1), Nouvelle Z=E9lande (3), Nigeria (2),
Norv=E8ge (1), Pays-Bas (4), Pologne (5), Portugal (11), R=E9publique Tch=E8=
(1), Roumanie (7), Russie (12), Su=E8de (1), Taiwan (2), Ukraine(1),
Royaume-Uni (18), Venezuela (3), Yougoslavie (1).
Scientific Committee / Comit=E9 Scientifique
Marie-Jos=E8phe AMIOT, (INRA Avignon, France)
Catherine CHEZE, (Universit=E9 de Bordeaux, France)
Mike CLIFFORD, (University of Surrey, UK)
Pierre COMBE, (SEFCAL, St. Julien de Peyrolas, France)
Jeffrey HARBORNE, (University of Reading, UK)
Hyoe HATAKEYAMA (Fukui University of Technology, Japan)
Richard W. HEMINGWAY (USDA, Pineville, Louisiana, USA)
Richard HURRELL, (ETH Z=FCrich, Switzerland)
Raga=EF IBRAHIM, (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada)
Catherine LAPIERRE, (INA-PG, Paris, France)
Jean-Jacques MACHEIX, (Universit=E9 de Montpellier, France)
Marc SUSCHETET, (INRA Dijon, France)
Joseph VERCAUTEREN (Universit=E9 de Bordeaux, France)
Organising Committee / Comit=E9 d'Organisation
=46lorence CHARBONNIER, (Ecole Normale Sup=E9rieure, Paris, France)
Nicole COTELLE, (Universit=E9 des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France)
Jean-Michel DELACOTTE, (Universit=E9 Ren=E9 Descartes, Paris, France)
J=E9r=F4me LEMOINE, (Universit=E9 des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, Fra=
Jean-Claude MERLIN, (Universit=E9 des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, Fra=
Christian ROLANDO, (CNRS, Universit=E9 des Sciences et Technologies de Lille=
Augustin SCALBERT, (INRA Avignon, France)
=46rancis TROTIN, (Universit=E9 de Lille I, France)
Jacques VASSEUR (Universit=E9 des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France)

Preliminary Programme / Programme pr=E9liminaire
Monday August 31st / Lundi 31 ao=FBt
15 h -19h  Registration / Inscription

Tuesday September 1st / Mardi 1er septembre
8h30  Welcome /Accueil
9h  Official opening / Ouverture officielle
9h30  Opening lecture / Conf=E9rence inaugurale
Biological oxidations : A source of free radicals more or less efficiently
Les oxydations biologiques: une source de radicaux plus ou moins
efficacement contr=F4l=E9s
D. Mansuy, Universit=E9 Ren=E9 Descartes, Paris, France
10h30  Pause
11h00  Lectures by the prizes-winners of the Groupe Polyph=E9nols Award /
Conf=E9rence par les r=E9cipiendaires du prix du Groupe Polyphenols
12h -15h  Posters / Affiches
13h30-14h30  Workshop / table ronde:
Polyphenols, genetics and environment: how and why mastering their content
in plants / Polyph=E9nols, g=E9n=E9tique et environnement: pourquoi et comme=
ma=EEtriser leur teneur dans les plantes
Chairmen / Mod=E9rateurs :G Hrazdina, Cornell University, Geneva, USA and /
et W. Heller, GSF-BIOP, Neuherberg, Germant
Topic / Th=E8me : Chemical and Biochemical Synthesis of Polyphenols /
Synth=E8se Chimique et Biochimique des Polyph=E9nols :
15h   Chairman / mod=E9rateur: Jean-Claude Merlin, Universit=E9 des Sciences=
Technologies de Lille, France
Plenary Lecture / Conf=E9rence pl=E9ni=E8re
Recent advances in the synthesis of C6-C3-C6-type polyphenols
Avanc=E9es r=E9centes dans la synth=E8se des polyph=E9nols de type C6-C3-C6
D. Ferreira, University of the Orange Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa
=46actors controlling the oxidative coupling of phenylpropanoids
W.R. Russell, Rowett Research Institute, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
=46ormation of phenolic glucosides in developing xylem of Pinus strobus in
relation to lignification and cambial activity
H. Forster, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Kuhnhausen, Germany
Tannins: effect on the bioavailability of iron(III)
A.-M. Albrecht-Gary, Universit=E9 Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France
16h30  Pause
17h  Chairman /mod=E9rateur : Richard W. Hemingway, USDA, Pineville,
Louisiana, USA,
Plenary lecture / Conf=E9rence pl=E9ni=E8re
Anthocyanin wonderland: from research to applications
Au pays merveilleux des anthocyanes: de la recherche aux applications
R. Brouillard, Universit=E9 Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France
Reactivities of flavonoids with different hydroxyl substituents for the
cleavage of DNA in the presence of Cu(II)
S.M. Hadi, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India
Spectroscopic investigations of one-electron and two-electron oxidation
processes of flavonoids
O. Dangles, Universit=E9 Claude Bernard, Lyon, France
Enzymatic A-ring hydroxylation of flavonols in positions 6 and 8
K. Stich, TU Wien, Vienna, Austria

18h30    Transportation / D=E9placement
19h  Reception at the City Hall of Lille / R=E9ception =E0 la Mairie de Lill=

Wednesday September 2nd / Mercredi 2 septembre
Topic / Th=E8me: Polyphenols and Stress Resistance of Plants / Polyph=E9nols=
r=E9sistance des plantes au stress
8h30  Chairman /mod=E9rateur : Jean-Jacques Macheix, Universit=E9 de
Montpellier, France
Plenary Lecture / Conf=E9rence pl=E9ni=E8re
Study of the salicylic acid mediated signal transduction pathway leading to
disease in plant
L'acide salicylique, m=E9diateur des voies de transduction conduisant aux
maladies chez les v=E9g=E9taux
D. Klessig, Rutgers University, Piscataway, USA
Interactions Palmier dattier-Fusarium oxysporum albedinis, agent causal du
bayoud: r=E9ponse du m=E9tabolisme ph=E9nolique =E0 des infections=
 racinaires tr=E8s
localis=E9es et relations avec la r=E9sistance des cultivars
I. El Hadrami, Facult=E9 des Sciences Semlalia, Marrakech, Morocco
Alkyl- and tyraminyl- amides of hydroxycinnamic acids: synthesis and
vir-gene inducing activities on Agrobacterium tumefaciens strains
=46. Delmotte, Universit=E9 d'Orl=E9ans, Orl=E9ans, France
Investigation of the O-methyltransferase activity in Serratula tinctoria lea=
R.K. Ibrahim, Concordia University, Montr=E9al, Canada
10h   Pause
10h30  Chairman / mod=E9rateur : Georg G. Gross, Universit=E4t Ulm, Germany
Plenary Lecture / Conf=E9rence pl=E9ni=E8re
Regulation of aromatic metabolism during the response of plant cells to
R=E9gulation du m=E9tabolisme des compos=E9s aromatiques dans les cellules
v=E9g=E9tales en r=E9ponse aux pathog=E8nes
B. Fritig, Universit=E9 Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France
Quantitation of wheat phenolic acids during grain development and their
potential role in Fusarium resistance
J. McKeehen, University of Minnesota, St Paul, USA
La s=E9questration des =E9l=E9ments traces m=E9talliques par des polyph=E9no=
ls chez
Diploschistes muscorum (Ascomycotina lich=E9nis=E9),
D. Cuny, Facult=E9 des Sciences Pharmaceutiques et Biologiques, Lille, Franc=

Phytoalexins in the Venturia-Malus interaction
G. Hrazdina, Cornell University, Geneva, USA
12h -15h  Posters / Affiches
13h30-14h30  Workshop / table ronde:
New methods in polyphenols analysis: from trace measurement to polymer
structure determination
Nouvelles m=E9thodes dans l'analyse des polyph=E9nols: de la mesure de=
 traces =E0
la d=E9termination de la structure de polym=E8res
Chairmen / Mod=E9rateurs : V=E9ronique Cheynier, INRA, IPV Montpellier, Fran=
and / et C. Y. Lee, Cornell University, Geneva
Topic / Th=E8me : Polyphenols in the Biosphere / Les Polyphenols dans la
15h  Chairman /mod=E9rateur :Jacques Vasseur, Universit=E9 des Sciences et
Technologies de Lille, France
Plenary Lecture / Conf=E9rence pl=E9ni=E8re
Role of polyphenolic compounds in the UV-B protection of terrestrial plants
R=F4le des compos=E9s polyph=E9noliques dans la protection des plantes terre=
contre les UV-B
J.-P. Schnitzler, Fraunhofer-Institut f=FCr Atmosph=E4rische Umweltforschung=
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Biochemical properties of resorcinol polymerase from Cryptomonas spec
R. S=FCtfeld, Max-Planck-Institut f=FCr Limnologie, Plon, Germany
Transformations de substances polyph=E9noliques d'origine v=E9g=E9tale dans=
 les sols
=46. Watteau, CNRS, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France
Lignin-derived phenolic compounds as indicators of the origin of
particulate organic matter in a Mediterranean river
L. Serve, Universit=E9 de Perpignan, Perpignan, France
16h30   Pause
17h   Chairman / mod=E9rateur : Jeffrey Harborne, University of Reading,
United Kingdom

Plenary Lecture / Conf=E9rence pl=E9ni=E8re
Polyphenols in tropical legumes: Regulators of nutrient cycling in soils
Polyph=E9nols des l=E9guminueses tropicales, r=E9gulateurs du cycle des
nutriments dans les sols
K.E. Giller, University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe
Metabolism of legume polyphenols by symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria
(rhizobia) : degradative mechanisms and involvement of the 3-oxoadipate
J.E. Cooper, The Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom
Phenolic metabolites of ecological significance in Empetrum hermaphroditum
leaves and associated humus,
C. Gallet, Universit=E9 de Savoie, Bourget-du-Lac, France
Biosynthesis and biodegradation of hydrolyzable tannins
G.G. Gross, Universit=E4t Ulm, Germany

20h  Garden party / Soir=E9e campagnarde
Thursday / Jeudi

Thursday September 3 / Jeudi 3 septembre
Topic / Th=E8me : Polyphenols in Food and Consumer Preference / Polyph=E9nol=
dans les aliments et choix des consommateurs:
8h30  Chairman / mod=E9rateur : Francis Trotin, Universit=E9 de Lille 2, Fra=
Plenary Lecture / Conf=E9rence pl=E9ni=E8re
Bitterness and astringency: desirable or undesirable sensory characteristics=
Amertume et astringence: caract=E9ristiques d=E9sirables ou ind=E9sirables?
S. Issanchou, INRA, Dijon, France
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of dietary flavanols
C. Santos-Buelga, Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain
A new oxidative pathway contributing to wine browning
H. Fulcrand, INRA, Montpellier, France
Colour and stability of pure anthocyanins in aqueous solutions at high pH
O.M. Andersen, University of Bergen, Norway
10h   Pause
10h30  Chairman / mod=E9rateur :Marc Suschetet, INRA Dijon, France
Plenary Lecture / Conf=E9rence pl=E9ni=E8re
=46actors influencing perception of bitterness and astringency in foods and
=46acteurs influen=E7ant la perception de l'amertume et de l'astringence dan=
les aliments et les boissons
A. Noble, University of California Davis, Davis, USA
Effects of processing on walnut (Juglans regia L.) tannins
S. . Sathe, Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA
Antibrowning efficiency of papaine extracts
=46. Richard-Forget, INRA, Avignon, France
Structural and mechanistic aspects of tea cream formation
A.P. Davies, Unilever Research Colworth, Bedford, United Kingdom

12h -15h  Posters / Affiches
13h30-14h30  Workshop / table ronde:
Polyphenols, Human health and antioxydants: a search for the link.
Polyphenols, sant=E9 humaine et antioxydants: =E0 la recherche des relations
Chairmen / Mod=E9rateurs : M. Aviram, Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel
and / et G. Williamson, Instiute of Food Research, Norwich, United Kingdom

Topic / Th=E8me: Polyphenols as Raw Material for Elaborated Products/
Polyph=E9nols: une nouvelle ressource pour de nouveaux produits =E9labor=E9s
15h  Chairman /mod=E9rateur : C. Lapierre, Institut National Agronomique,
Paris, France
Plenary Lecture / Conf=E9rence pl=E9ni=E8re
Polyphenols : colorful drinking to your health !
Les polyph=E9nols, en voir et en boire de toutes les couleurs
J. Vercauteren, Universit=E9 Victor Segalen, Bordeaux, France

Poly(o-aminophenol) as an electrochemically active polymer
R. I. Tucceri, Instituto de Investigaciones Fisicoquimicas Teoricas y
Aplicadas, La Plata, Argentina
Modification of water soluble derivatives of lignin with acrylic monomers
V.N. Kislenko, Lviv Polytechnic State University, Lviv, Ukraine
Synthesis and thermal properties of lignin-based polycaprolactones
H. Hatakeyama, Fukui University of Technology, Fukui, Japan

16h 30   Pause
16h30   Chairman / mod=E9rateur : Pierre Combe, SEFCAL, St. Julien de
Peyrolas, France
Effect of caffeic acid on the cross-linking of water-extractable
feruloylated arabinoxylans (WEAX) by a fungal laccase
M.C. Figueroa-Espinoza, INRA, Montpellier, France
The inhibitory components from Artocarpus incisus on tyrosinase and melanin
K. Shimizu, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan
Enzymic hydrolysis of flavonoid and hydroxycinnamate esters
G. Williamson, Institute of Food Research, Norwich, United Kingdom
17h30-19h  General Assembly of the Groupe Polyph=E9nols / Assembl=E9e du gro=
20h30  Gala dinner / D=EEner de Gala

=46riday September 4th / vendredi 4 septembre
Topic / Th=E8me : Polyphenols in Human Health / Polyph=E9nols et sant=E9 hum=
8h30  Chairman / mod=E9rateur : Kristiina W=E4h=E4l=E4, University of=
 Helsinki, Finland
Plenary Lecture / Conf=E9rence pl=E9ni=E8re
Biological effects of food-borne polyphenols in the gastrointestinal tract
Effets biologiques des polyph=E9nols d'origine alimentaire sur le tractus
I. Johnson, Institute of Food Research, Norwich, United Kingdom
Bioavailability of tea flavonoids
A. Roodenburg, Unilever Research, Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
'Metabolism of catechin and epicatechin by the human colonic microflora
C. Br=E9zillon, INRA, Jouy-en-Josas, France
Urinary metabolites of flavonoids and caffeic acid conjugates in humans
after application of a crude extract from Equisetum arvense L.
M. Veit, Julius Maximilians Universit=E4t W=FCrzburg, Germany
10h   Pause
10h30  Chairman /mod=E9rateur : Mike Clifford, University of Surrey, United
Plenary Lecture / Conf=E9rence pl=E9ni=E8re
Diphenolic phytoestrogens; their absorption, metabolism, pharmacokinetics
and potential role in disease prevention
Les phytoestrog=E8nes diph=E9noliques, leur absorption, m=E9tabolisme,
pharmacocin=E9tique et r=F4le potentiel dans la pr=E9vention des maladies
K. Setchell, Children Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, USA
Effect of polyphenol-rich extra virgin olive oil on LDL oxidation in
healthy volunteers
M.N. Vissers, Wageningen Agricultural University, Wageningen, The Netherland=
Protection by tea against UV A+B-induced skin cancers in hairless mice
I.R. Record, CSIRO, Division of Human Nutrition, Adelaide, Australia
=46lavonoids interaction with P-glycoprotein, a new hope for anticancer
D. Barron, Universit=E9 Claude Bernard, Villeurbanne, France

12h -14h  Posters / Affiches
14h   Communications
Red Wine: Alcohol or Phenolic Antioxidants?
P. Simonetti, Universita degli Studi di Milano, Milano, Italy
Dietary polyphenols inhibit LDL oxidation and reduce the progression of
M. Aviram, Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel
14h30  Closing Lecture / Conf=E9rence de cl=F4ture
Secondary metabolism. fact and fiction
M=E9tabolisme secondaire: faits et fiction
E. Haslam, Sheffield University, Sheffield, UK
15h 30   Closing of JIEP 98/ Cl=F4ture des JIEP98

Registration fees
Registration fees include admission to all the scientific sessions,
documentation, the proceedings (Polyph=E9nol Communications and Polyph=E9nol=
98), lunches, coffee break, a pass for public transportation and the
welcome reception.
Members of the / Membres du Groupe Polyph=E9nols  2500 FF
Non members / Non membres 4000 FF
Students / Etudiants 1250 FF
Registration and Accomodation Form / Inscription et R=E9servation H=F4teli=
TITLE / TITRE (Pr., Dr., Mrs, Mr) :.....................
SURNAME / NOM : ........................................
=46IRST NAME / PR=C9NOM : ..................................
ORGANISATION / ORGANISME : .............................
ADDRESS / ADRESSE :.....................................
ZIP CODE / CODE POSTAL :................................
TOWN / VILLE : .........................................
COUNTRY / PAYS :........................................
TEL : ..................................................
=46AX / T=C9L=C9COPIE :.......................................
E-MAIL : ...............................................

Accomodation / R=E9servation
O Aug 30 O Aug 31 O Sept 1 O Sept 2 O Sept 3
Taxes Rates include breakfast and taxes / Tarif comprenant petit d=E9jeuner
et taxes
O H=F4tel ****  (above 700FF the room per night / plus de 700FF par nuit)
O H=F4tel ***  (between 400FF and 700FF / entre 400FF et 700FF)
O H=F4tel **  (between 300 FF and 450FF / entre 300FF et 450 FF)
O H=F4tel *   (between 200FF and 240FF / entre 200FF et 240FF)
O Single ? Double ? Twin
O Dormitory / R=E9sidence universitaire (for students only 125FF, pour les
=E9tudiants uniquement 125FF)
Social events / Manifestations associ=E9es
Reception at the City Hall / r=E9ception =E0 la Mairie
Gala dinner / Diner de Gala,
Garden party / Soir=E9e campagnarde.
Paiement / Payment
Registration fee / Droit d'inscription......................................=
Gala dinner / Soir=E9e de Gala (400FF)......................................=
Hotel deposit / R=E9servation h=F4teli=E8re (500FF).........................=
Garden party / Soir=E9e campagnarde (100FF;  student / =E9tudiant 50FF)
=46or students join a copy of student card / Pour les =E9tudiants fournir un=
photocopie de la carte d'=E9tudiant
Rooms will be assigned on a " first come, first served " basis, provided
the congress registration fees has been paid. A hotel deposit of 500 FF is
requested at the time of the reservation.
R=E9servation h=F4teli=E8re
Les chambres seront attribu=E9es en fonction de l'ordre d'arriv=E9e des
demandes sous r=E9serve que les droits d'inscription au congr=E8s aient =E9t=
pr=E9alablement acquitt=E9s. Un acompte h=E9bergement de 500 FF est exig=E9=
 lors de
la r=E9servation
Cancellation conditions
In case of cancellation notified in writing to MACC before July 1st 1988,
500 FF will be withheld. After July 1st 1988, neither paid fee nor deposit
will be refunded.
Conditions d'annulation
En cas d'annulation signifi=E9e par =E9crit =E0 MACC avant le 1er juillet 19=
500 FF seront retenus. Apr=E8s le 1er juillet 1998 aucun remboursement ne
sera effectu=E9 ni sur l'inscription, ni sur l'acompte.
I am fully aware of the conditions concerning my participation with regards
to registration fee and accommodation. / J'ai pris connaissance des
conditions de participation concernant les droits d'inscription et des
r=E9servations h=F4teli=E8res.

Date : ......................................................
Signature : .................................................

Cheques should be made payable to MACC and sent with this form to : / Les
ch=E8ques et mandats doivent =EAtre libell=E9s =E0 l'ordre de MACC et=
 envoy=E9s, avec
ce document =E0 :
Sophie LEF=C8BVRE, MACC, Boulevard Paul Langevin, Cit=E9 Scientifique
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex, France
=46rance : Ch=E8ques bancaires et postaux, virements bancaires =E0 :
Caisse d'Epargne de Flandre (Espace Entreprise, 7 Bis rue du
Vieux-Faubourg, 59800, Lille, France)
Code Banque : 15965 - Code guichet : 00600 - Compte bancaire n=B0 0811257387=
- Cl=E9 RIB : 14.
Other countries : cheques in French Francs payable in a French bank only.

=46or further information, please contact:
Dr. Christian ROLANDO
Universit=E9 des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
UFR de Chimie, B=E2timent C3
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex
=46ax: +33 1 43 37 00 51
E-mail: polyphen at univ-lille1.fr
19th International Conference on Polyphenols
Lille (France) 1st-4th September, 1998.
Up-date information on the site:

19th International Conference on Polyphenols
=46irst announcement
Lille (France) 1st-4th September, 1998.

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