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Developmental and growth charateristics of aboriginal forms of maize

mpool at austin.cc.tx.us mpool at austin.cc.tx.us
Fri Jun 19 15:15:11 EST 1998

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At:  12:59:03  On:  19 Jun 1998
E-Mail: mpool at austin.cc.tx.us
Michael Pool

 mpool at austin.cc.tx.us
I am a graduate student in anthropology at the University of Texas at
Austin, working on my dissertation.  I am trying to model prehistoric maize
production in the American Southwest using the CERES-Maize 2.1 production
model.  I am trying to locate growth data on aboriginal forms of maize in
New Mexico and Arizona.  Specifically I need information on the following
developmental and growth charateristics:

the number of days from seedling emergence to the end of the juvenile phase
(4-6 days before tassel initiation) in growing degree days base 8 degrees C

photoperiod sensitivity (the extent to which development (expressed in
days) is delayed by each hour increase in the photoperiod above the the
longest photoperiod in which development is maximum (12.5 hours)

grain filling duration (the number of degree days above 8 degees centigrade
from silking to physiological maturity)

the maximum number of kernels per plant

the kernel filling rate (mg/day).

Could you point me to where or who I could contact to get this information?
Thank you for any help you can provide.

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