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A 3D model of corn growth

Bruno Andrieu andrieu at bcgn.grignon.inra.fr
Tue Mar 10 09:36:58 EST 1998


We are working on a 3D model of maize growth and developpment. A paper
presenting a first version of this work (see abstract below) has just bee=
published :

C. Fournier and B. Andrieu, 1998. A 3D architectural and process-based
model of maize development. Annals of Botany, 81 : 233-250.

We would like to have your comments and suggestions on the usefulness of
this 3D approach for the maize community.

Best regards,

Christian Fournier
BP 515
97165 Pointe a Pitre cedex
Guadeloupe, France.
fournier at antilles.inra.fr

Bruno Andrieu
INRA, U.R. de Bioclimatologie
78850 Thiverval-Grignon, France
Tel: 01 30 81 55 25     Fax: 01 30 81 55 63
andrieu at bcgn.grignon.inra.fr

A 3D architectural and processed-based model of maize development was
implemented on the basis of the L-system software Graphtal, interfaced wi=
physical models computing microclimate distributed on the 3D canopy

In a first step, we incorporated in the software Graphtal additional
functions that enable bi-directional communication with external modules.=
simple model for distributed photosynthetically active radiation and the
model for apex temperature by P. Cellier et al. (1993) were interfaced wi=

In a second step we developed a L-system model for maize, where productio=
rules for growth and development of organs are based on the current state
of knowledge of maize development as a function of temperature. Visual
representation of the plant is based on the geometrical model of leaf sha=
by Pr=E9vot, Aries and Monestiez (1991). Finally, various data sets were =
to evaluate the physiological aspects and the geometrical representation.

It is concluded that environmental L-systems are a convenient tool to
integrate biophysical process from organ to the canopy level, and provide=
framework to model growth of individual plants in relation to local
conditions and ability
to forage the resources. However progress are needed to improve both the
knowledge of physiological process at the level of organs and the
calculation of physical environment; some directions of future researches
are proposed.

Key words: Growth model, 3D plant architecture, Zea mays L., corn,
temperature, L-system modelling, developmental physiology, virtual plant.

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