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Maize Gene Discovery project has a few questions for you

Virginia Walbot walbot at stanford.edu
Thu Apr 22 15:40:54 EST 1999

Dear Maize Geneticist,

The Maize Gene Discovery, DNA Sequencing & Phenotypic Analysis project
needs your input. 

Who are we:  Stanford University (Virginia Walbot) UC-Berkeley (Sarah Hake,
Mike Freeling), UC-San Diego (Bob Schmidt, Laurie Smith), University of
Arizona (Vicki Chandler, David Galbraith, Brian Larkins), USDA/ARS &
University of Illinois (Marty Sachs) and Iowa State University (Volker

	Who are you:

_____  US academic researcher       ______ non-US academic researcher

_____  US government lab            ______ non-US government lab

_____  private industry

Why we are asking you questions.  We are trying to plan how much of
specific resources will be needed to fulfill community interest.  We need
your advice about billing & shipping of materials.  

Please fill-in answers and use your reply function to return this to
mailto:walbot at stanford.edu

A.  Do you know about and use our web site?

_____   I have already visited the project web site http://zmdb.iastate.edu  

_____   I plan to visit this web site regularly to learn about materials
and procedures.

Suggestions for the web site:


B.  Of the following materials that we will be providing to the maize
research community, which do you anticipate requesting from us:

1.  ____ individual EST clones

if yes:   how many ________   when ________ (this component of our project
is now up to speed, finally, as we just received the last of the missing
parts for our MegaBACE sequencers:  check GenBank, we've already sent in
>6000 ESTs and you should see >1000 - 1500 per week until we reach
50,000).  Annotated sequences appear on our web site. 

2.  ____  grids of RescueMu libraries in E. coli (which you can search by
PCR for insertions into your favortie gene)

if yes: ____ I would request the prototype grid, ready in summer 1999
       _____ I would probably request all of the grids (21 or more)
       _____ I might request some grids, but this is not of great interest
to me

3.  ____  I want to participate in the August-September 1999 field
phenotypic screening and be kept informed about future field screening
opportunties.  Plants in the field can be sampled for biochemical
phenotypes and you can self interessting  individuals or perform other

4.	____ Microarrays on glass slides of
______ some ESTs 

______ the entire set of 50,000 ESTs

_______ I'll wait until there is a compacted set of only the unique ESTs

Do you forsee this being a major component of your research? ______
If a service was available in which you supplied RNA and someone did the
hybridizations, would you be interested in this service? _________________ 
Please note, this is not part of our project, but perhaps if there is
sufficient community interest we can communicate to the NSF about the
interest in establishing such a service.  Perhaps this service could be a
component of a future genomics project one of you will initiate.

5.  Very important: Please give us advice about the easiest way to arrange
payments for the materials that have charges.  We plan to have an order
form on our web site.  We want to make payment and delivery of materials as
easy & accurate as possible.  To do this well, we need your specific
suggestions ....

______  I would establish a prepaid account ($100 - $1000) and charge
materials as needed

______  I would prefer to prepay for individual items as ordered (extra
service charge)

______  I need an invoice and can only pay after receiving items (extra
service charge for the extra paperwork here)

Please describe any accounting issues that you think we should be aware of
when you order from a web site:

6. _____  Yes, I know that I can request transgenic seed containing Mu
insertions of interest to me.

_____   I know that this is a free service after I deposit one kb of DNA
sequence next to the insertion of interest?   If not, consult the project
proposal at the http://zmdb.iastate.edu web site. 

_____   I know that I need to have an APHIS permit to grow transgenic
materials in my field. 

_____  I already have an APHIS permit and am familiar with the procedures.

_____  Help  I've never dealt with APHIS before. 
Thanks very much

Be sure to reply to     mailto:walbot at stanford.edu

Virginia Walbot
Department of Biological Sciences MC5020
385 Serra Mall
Stanford University
Stanford CA   94305-5020

Phone  650-723-2227   FAX  650-725-8221
http://www.stanford.edu/~walbot Stanford Laboratory
http://www.zmdb.iastate.edu/ Maize Gene Discovery Project

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