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Native Maize Genetic Parameters Update

Michael Pool mpool at austin.cc.tx.us
Tue Feb 16 19:01:51 EST 1999

    I am still in the process of collecting maize genetic parameters to use
with the CERES-Maize model in DSSAT 2.1.   As pointed in previous messages,
DSSAT 3.5 would be better, but I am an aging graduate student with a
limited budget; I can afford DSSAT 2.1 but not 3.5.  Does anyone have a
copy they don't need and are willing to sell cheap?]  I can get some data
from Deborah Muenchrath's dissertation on Tohono O'odham maize; however, I
need to convert GDD10 to GDD8. I think I can convert the GDD but I will
have figure out the total number of days.  Is there a simple formula or
program to do this?

    I have lost my Netscape address book and old emails.  If you have
requested any information I have found out, please let me know again so
I'll know who to send the information to.

    I have done enough research to be more specific on the native maize
varieties I am looking at.  The archaeological literature on prehistoric
indicates that these varieties were similar to the following modern native
varieties (most from northern Mexico):

Mais de Ocho/Harinoso de Ocho
Mais Blando
Fremont Dent (?)
Mexican Pyramidal (?)

    So, I'll renew my request with these specific varieties in mind:

Does anyone have or know where I can find or estimate the genetic
parameters for the CERES-maize model for southwestern US aboriginal maize
varieties?  Specifically, I need:

Juvenile Phase: growing degree days (base 8 degrees C) from seedling
emergence to end of juvenile phase (P1)

Photoperiod: photoperiod sensitivity coefficient (P2)

Grain-filling Duration: growing degree days (base 8 degrees C) from silking
to physiological maturity (P5)

Kernel Number: potential maximum kernel number per plant (G2)

Kernel Weight:  potential kernel growth rate (mg/kernel per day) from
silking to just before physiological maturity under optimal conditions (G3)

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Michael Pool
mpool at austin.cc.tx.us
Austin Community College
Anthropology Department

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