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red spiders on greenhouse maize

Mary W. Eubanks eubanks at acpub.duke.edu
Wed Feb 24 14:09:16 EST 1999

We have used Avid to control spider mites on corn and the wild relatives of
corn in the greenhouse, but got a large rebound effect with chemicals, so
we tried biological control with the predatory mite Phytoselius persimilis
("Killers"), and have gotten excellent maintenance. The results are not
100% but it keeps the spider mite population under constant control and we
have not had to spray for 8 months.  There is another predatory mite
Neoseiulus=Amblyseius fallacis that also controls red spider mites but we
do not use it because if there is not a population of spider mites for it
to feed on, it will eat pollen.

Good luck with your problem,
Mary Eubanks

>To maize cooperators,
>We are having a serious problem with red spiders on the maize plants
>that we are growing in the greenhouse.  Our pest manager has been trying
>oil, soap, and Pyrethrin.  The first two aren't particularly effective,
>while Pyrethrin is, but Pyrethin severely damages the plants.  Has
>anyone else solved the problem of  red spiders in the greenhouse?  If
>so, I would surely appreciate learning what to do about them without
>seriously damaging the maize plants.
>Stephen Stack
>Stephen M. Stack
>Department of Biology
>Colorado State University
>Fort Collins, CO 80523-1878
>TEL (970) 491-6802
>FAX (970) 491-0649
>Email sstack at lamar.colostate.edu

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