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Questions about DIMBOA

David Weber dfweber at ilstu.edu
Sun Jul 11 08:39:44 EST 1999

Dear Tony,

I had a MS student (Kevin Simcox) who worked on DIMBOA about 15 years ago in my
lab, and he did a literature review at that time.  He was working with a
mutation, bx (benxantheneless) that completely eliminates dimboa from 
maize, and
he mapped this locus to the short arm of chromosome 4 using monosomics and B-A
translocations.  This work was published in Crop Science 25:827-830 (1985).  I
know that he was trying to transposon tag this mutation and another person in
Germany was also trying to do the same thing.  I also know that different lines
differ in DIMBOA levels, and these differences are heretable.  Furthermore, the
level of DIMBOA is much higher in young seedlings than in older plants, and it
decreases as the plants mature.

I would suggest that you contact Kevin.  His address is:
Kevin Simcox, Pioneer Hi-Bred Intl. Inc. 7300 NW 62nd Avenue PO Box 1004,
Johnston, IA.  His phone is 515-270-4178 and his email address is
simcoxkd at phibred.com.


David Weber
David Weber
Department of Biological Sciences
Illinois State University
Normal, IL 61790-4120
Phone: 309-438-2685; FAX 309-438-3722
email dfweber at ilstu.edu

>From: Gambiani at tbcnet.com (Tony Gambiani)
>To: nobody at net.bio.net
>Newsgroups: bionet.maize
>Subject: Questions about DIMBOA
>Date: Thu, Jul 8, 1999, 6:40 PM

>I'm trying to find information about the heritability and/or variability of
>DIMBOA in Maize.  I can find a lot information from the plant physiology
>aspect but nothing on the breeding side.  Has anyone ever even looked at it?
>Also at which stage of development does DIMBOA production drop off?  Any
>information on publications or people working with this subject would be
>appreciated.  Thanks.

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