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Average weight of a grain of pollen?

John Fowler fowlerj at ava.bcc.orst.edu
Thu Nov 11 17:01:12 EST 1999

Hi Toby,

I have to disagree with your comment.  Although I do not necessarily
agree with the WWF's position as stated in their web page, refusing
to provide data (merely because I don't particularly support their
policy position) seems 'unscientific'.  If the folks on the list can
assist Mr. Cuddeford in his research, then he is more likely to
produce reliable, unbiased results that can really address the GMO

Although I think, all things considered, that GMO crops do not pose
anything near the risks that have been attributed to them, and that
there are a lot of inflated fears, it is clear that (for whatever
reason) a portion of the public does not agree with this view.
Anything scientists can do to help the public understand our science,
its potential benefits, =and= any reliably documented risks (as well
as any unbiased refutation of risks) seems like effort well worth


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>Readers might wish to take a look at WWF's position statement on GMO crops
>before responding to this request.
>Toby Bradshaw               | (206)616-1796 (voice)
>College of Forest Resources | (206)685-2692 (FAX)
>University of Washington    | http://poplar2.cfr.washington.edu/toby
>In article < at pop.web.net>,
>VIJAY CUDDEFORD  <ours1 at web.net> wrote:
>  >Dear people,
>  >
>  >I am looking for information on: the average weight of a grain of pollen.  I
>  >am trying to figure out, as part of my research into the Bt corn and monarch
>  >question, how much pollen is dispersed in a average corn field by weight.  I
>  >understand that there are about 25-30,000 corn plants per acre, each plant
>  >creates 2-5 million pollen grains, and that they are dispersed (on average)
>  >from 6-15 metres.
>  >
>  >But I do not have a figure for the average weight of a grain of pollen.
>  >
>  >Thanks,
>  >
>  >Vijay Cuddeford
>  >World Wildlife Fund Canada

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