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Thu Jun 1 10:04:13 EST 2000


The UK is a world leader in the genetics of temperate small grain cereals
such as wheat and barley. The BBSRC and SERAD are jointly funding a 3.1M
programme as part of the BBSRC's Investigating Gene Function Initiative to
create key cereal genomic resources, which will be important for the
international competitiveness of UK science.  The resources generated will
include EST's from key stages of cereal grain development, mutagenised
populations and a hexaploid wheat BAC library.  Applications are invited for
the fifteen, temporary, three year research positions listed below, which
are available within this coordinated programme for research to be carried
out at the above Centres.

Scottish Crop Research Institute (SCRI)

Postdoctoral Research Scientist Ref: GEN/2/00 A highly motivated PDRS and a
skilled Research Assistant Ref: GEN/3/00 (Band 7) are required for the
construction of a deletion mutation grid in barley for gene function

Senior Research Scientist Ref: GEN/4/00 An experienced molecular geneticist
is required to participate in and supervise the development of a public
transcriptome resource for the developing barley grain. Appointment will be
made at either PDRS or SPDRS depending on experience. Research Assistant
Ref: GEN/5/00  (Band 7) A dedicated technician is also required to provide
support to the above post.

Bioinformaticist Ref: GEN/6/00 (PDRS) A postgraduate bioinformaticist is
required to develop a database for collation and presentation of sequence
information.  The postholder will work closely with lab based molecular
biologists and bioinformaticists.

Salary     =A317,800 - =A322,000 (PDRS)      =A322,900 - =A326,400 (SPDRS)
=A314,900 - =A317,100 (Band 7)

Candidates for postdoctoral posts should have at least 3 years relevant
postgraduate experience. For research assistant posts, candidates should
ideally have a first or upper second class degree in a relevant subject.

The Institute is an equal opportunities employer and is grant-aided by the
Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department (SERAD).

Applications to and further particulars from the Personnel Officer, SCRI,
Invergowrie, Dundee DD2 5DA, Scotland, quoting the appropriate reference

IACR-Long Ashton Research Station (LARS)

The development of a public transcriptome resource from developing wheat
grain.  A Senior Research Scientist (Band 5 SPD or 6 PD depending upon
experience) Ref: 16/00 and two Research Assistants Ref: 17/00 & 18/00 (Band

Development of a database for collation and presentation of sequence
information, Bioinformatics post Ref: 19/00 (Band 6 PD).

The generation of high density Mutator arrays in maize for gene function
searches require a Research Scientist Ref: 20/00 (Band 6 PD) and a Research
Assistant Ref: 21/00 (Band 7).

Salary  =A314,900 - =A317,100 (Band 7)   =A317,800 - =A322,000 (Band 6 PD)  =
- =A326,400 (Band 5 SPD)

Candidates for research scientist posts should have a PhD and previous
experience in a related subject. For research assistant posts, Candidates
should have BSc 2.1 or above and relevant experience.

=46or an application form and further particulars write to the Personnel
Officer, IACR-Long Ashton Research Station, Long Ashton, Bristol, BS41 9AF;
tel: 01275 549326 (24 hours);
e-mail: perslars at bbsrc.ac.uk, quoting the appropriate reference number.

IACR-Long Ashton is an equal opportunities employer.

John Innes Centre (JIC)

A Research Scientist Ref: 33 07 95 (Band 6PD) is required for the
development of a hexaploid wheat BAC library, its analysis and the use in
the identification of key agronomic traits.

Three Research Assistants Ref: 33 07 96 (Band 7) are also required to
provide support to the above post.

Candidates for the research scientist post should have a PhD together with
experience in molecular biology. For the research assistant posts candidates
should have a BSc or equivalent experience in a relevant science subject.

Salary     =A314,900 - =A317,100 (Band 7)     =A317,800 - =A322,000 (Band 6P=

=46or an application form and further particulars write to the Personnel
Officer, John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park, Colney, Norwich, Norfolk,
NR4 7UH, or E-mail us at JICPERS at BBSRC.AC.UK quoting the appropriate
reference number.

The John Innes Centre is a registered charity (No223852) grant-aided by the
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and is an Equal
Opportunities Employer.

Staff have the opportunity to join a non-contributory superannuation scheme.

The closing date for completed application forms will be 15 June 2000.

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