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Maize citations 1917 to date

Ed Coe CoeE at missouri.edu
Fri Feb 16 15:54:45 EST 2001

A quirk in transmittal codes in my message shows the subject
line, "Maize citations 1917 to date =96 add 1,400", which
may give the impression that references are current only to
'96.  MaizeDB citations are, of course, current into 2001.
Ed Coe
P.S. No doubt this is one of those 'filter phantoms'.


Moderator's note:

The bionet system does that when one uses non-standard (non-ascii) 
characters. I try to catch these and fix them before I approve a 
post.   I caught the non-standard quote marks in Ed's post, but 
missed the non standard hyphen in his title.

When that happens, for some strange reason, any leading 'F' is also 
corrupted, so the 'From' field is not recognized.  This results in 
the From: nobody at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk (Nobody).

	-Marty Sachs, moderator

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