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Ed Coe CoeE at missouri.edu
Fri Feb 16 22:44:21 EST 2001

Dear maize netters,

The mutant mapping objective of the NSF-supported Missouri
Maize Project is proceeding into high throughput, and we
need now to prioritize.  The question is, where should we
invest our resources for the greatest benefit to the
research community?  We would appreciate your help by
responding to the following query.  

1.	Do you consider any particular class of phenotypes more
important to map than others?  If so, please rank:
	seedling colors
	seedling development and morphology
	endosperm colors
	endosperm development and morphology
	embryo development and morphology
	leaf colors
	leaf development and morphology
	plant body development and morphology
	male inflorescence development and morphology
	androecium and microsporogenesis
	female inflorescence development and morphology
	gynoecium and megasporogenesis
	other (specify, please)
2.	Alternatively, would you suggest we sample generally
among mutant classes?
3.	What other prioritization criteria would you recommend?

For your information we are currently mapping the following
with SSRs, excluding phenotypic variants that have been
cloned or are transposon-generated:
	Named, known mutants that were placed only to arm.
	Neuffer mutants that were placed only to arm.
	Unplaced seedling mutants from the Phenotype only stocks.
We aim to attain mapping resolution to 5 cM, sufficient to
place mutants to bin and to limit prospective allelisms.  

Thanks for your help.
Ed Coe and Chris Carson


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